Governor Patrick Fires A True Hero

Posted December 30th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Any doubt that Duh-Val is cut from different cloth than oBummer is hereby removed!

Most of you don’t know about Captain Thomas G. Kelley, USN(Ret) MoH.  You didn’t need to because you didn’t need his help.  But many Massachusetts veterans did, and the 71 year old Medal of Honor recipient always came through.  Just like he did on that bad day in June ’69, when he lost a eye when his river boat was hit by an RPG.  

On Tuesday our newly re-elected socialist governor had one of his minions call Kelley in and fire him. “We’re moving in a new direction”.

After retiring from the Navy, Captain Tom Kelley became our Commissioner of Veteran’s Services in 1999 [Gov Cellucci, Gov Swift], and Secretary of Veteran’s Services in 2003 [Gov Romney, Gov Patrick]. He earned a reputation for cleaning up the department.

Short-term, Kelley will be replaced by his under-secretary, a former Marine and political activist, Coleman Nee.  Nee was Cohasset’s ‘Democrat of the Year’ in 2008, and has been a heavy $$ contributor to Democratic campaigns, – chiefly Obama and Biden. 

The Patrick minion who delivered the bad news?  That would be Secretary of Health and Human Services – JudyAnn Bigby, MD

Doctor Bigby is on the Harvard faculty, is Mayor Menino’s personal physician, and is a big $$ Democratic political donor. 

By contrast, Kelley was a Republican contributor back in 1992.

So who will Captain Kelley’s permanent replacement be?  I don’t think for a moment that Duh-val or JudyAnn are looking at résumés, do you?  I think they’re looking at donor lists.  I think they want to make a statement.  I think they’re looking for an openly gay person on their high-$$ donor list.  Any actual military or management experience will be an incidental plus.  

Captain Kelley, Sir, you earned better, and you deserved better!  Once again a soldier [er, a sailor] has learned that we cannot trust Democratic politicians.  Too often our enemies had more honor than our political leaders.

    /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “Governor Patrick Fires A True Hero”

  1. Joseph S. Barca

    I think this is a public ABOMINATION. It stinks of socialist politics. Although I speak for myself only, it is safe to say that most veterans would agree that Capt. Kelley has done an excellent job and would continue for many more years.


    Joseph S. Barca
    Past National Adjutant
    Combat Infantrymen’s Association