Governor Noem Protects Female Athletes

Posted March 31st, 2021 by Iron Mike

The burning issue of our day  – transgender boys who insist on playing sports on girl’s teams – where their larger,  stronger bodies give them a decisive advantage?

Surveys vary – NONE can be ‘scientifically accurate’,  – – but somewhere between 0.3% and ~ maybe ~ 0.7% of the population identifies themselves as “Transgender”.

Of that number – only a tiny number are biological boys demanding to play Jr.High,  HS,  and College sports – AS GIRLS.

Some may be genuine athletes;  but people (parents) worry that they’re perverts trying to gain access to girl’s locker rooms for perverse sexual pleasure.

Various state legislatures and governors have been frustrated in grappling with the issue,  – since several LGTBQ organizations and the NCAA have threatened lawsuits….

(Can you believe it?  Truly heartbreaking problems – – and along come a flock of sleazy lawyers looking for trouble and legal fees?)

Imagine you’re the father of a couple of straight – normal – heterosexual daughters,  – who just want to play Softball, Lacrosse, or Ice Hockey – without a hairy chest and a penis wandering around their locker room and showering with the Team…

Putting up with an aggressive lesbian on a team is one thing, – but a confused and possibly erect penis,  – in a high school girl’s shower room…?

The über-liberals who make a living disrupting our well-ordered common sense Christian society are all over this one;   DEMANDING that any boy who ‘identifies’ as transgender gets to try out and play.

“Better to traumatize 20 straight girls – than to make the biological boy try out for the Boy’s Team.

Last Monday Tucker Carlson had an uncomfortable interview with Governor Noem,  – after she had just refused to sign the Legislature’s poorly-worded bill.

Tucker seemed to think she was refusing to protect girls.  It was an unfortunate miscommunication.

In that interview Noem seemed unable to explain to Tucker that the issue was bigger than the wording on a bill;  – that there were hordes of LAWYERS waiting to pounce on South Dakota – a relatively poor state – and make an example of them.

She needed a better-worded bill to sign,  – and in the meantime she went ahead with the two Executive Orders to protect girls in grades 1 – 12, – and college girls.

Well done Governor Noem!

Standing up to the left-wing lunatic fringe is never easy!

Do you ~ think ~ Noem is sensitive to issues like boys (of any flavor) in girl’s locker rooms?  She’s raised two girls herself.

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