Governor Newsom Lifting Lockdown?

Posted January 25th, 2021 by Iron Mike

The RECALL NEWSOM movement has collected 1.2 million signatures,  – thus far with an 84% validity rate.  New voters – denied their senior proms,  – are signing as soon as they register to vote.

Suddenly Newsom seems to revisit his stay-at-home and lockdown orders…   Have Californians learned a lesson about totalitarian socialism and political elitism yet?

Like most left-wing states,  the Communists control the print and TV media,  – so questions about how much of Newsom’s $1 Billion N-95 mask deal went into his retirement fund go unanswered.

Liberal elites feel no need to explain their financial dealings to mere serfs and peasants, – particularly those here illegally. 

Shut up and cut the grass!

Meanwhile the vain Socialist Prince with presidential ambitions faces a real-world problem of enormous size: – his STATE PAYROLL.

The economy he SHUT DOWN isn’t producing any TAX REVENUE, – California is BROKE and any industry that can is moving to Texas. 

Soon he’ll have to start laying off state employees…. Oh dear!

2 Responses to “Governor Newsom Lifting Lockdown?”

  1. John Pagel

    He can get a job cutting aunt nancy’s grass

  2. MC

    John: I am sure that aunt nancy would want a good job done on her grass – not sure he could do it.