Governor Newsom Gets Really Bad News!

Posted June 5th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Judge Benitez noted that despite California’s 1989 ban – there are an estimated 185,569 legally registered ARs and AKs in California,  – called the AR-15 the “Swiss Army Knife of weapons”,  “…a perfect combination of home defense weapon and homeland defense equipment.  Good for both home and battle.”

And T-H-A-T Folks – is EXACTLY what the Framers had in mind! VIDEO:

Immediately after the recent San Jose rail yard shooting – listen as Gun Grabber Newsom vents his frustration with shootings happening “…over and over”…and he asks “ what the Hell is wrong with us?”

In that May 26th workplace shooting 57-year-old VTA employee Samuel James Cassidy – who was facing a disciplinary hearing,  – used three handguns to kill 9 employees and then himself.

No ARs were used.

The Governor is onto something; – it’ NOT THE G-U-N-S doing the shooting and the killing,  – it’s people raised without God and without values.

People – Judges – with the clarity and courage of Roger Benitez are rare – even in this country.

Craven political cowards are more the norm….

And for so long as pussified American voters elect gun-phobic pussified cowards to public office – our 2nd Amendment will continue to be under assault from the left (from the Communists).

Just remember that when they are talking about how much you “DON’T NEED” an AR to hunt deer,  – and certainly not for home defense….

“….Just dial 911!”

These S-A-M-E evil cunning bastards are talking in their next breath about DEFUNDING and ABOLISHING the Police, – replacing them with Social Workers….

It was nearly 4 years ago that RRB was thanking Judge Benitez for his courage in striking down California’s “Large Capacity Magazine Ban”,  – which made no sense when you realize how BIG California is,  – and how far from police stations most of the people live.

Most folks in California are their OWN “1st Responders”,  – and they will need enough bullets – IN THEIR GUNS –  to stop intruders,  – while the police are driving 20 – 40 miles to come help.

2 Responses to “Governor Newsom Gets Really Bad News!”

  1. Jim Buba

    ‘bout damned time!

  2. Blossom Stiefel

    Every time there is a crisis, politicians learn the wrong lesson and come up with the wrong solution and use the crisis as a reason to take away our freedoms and grow government bigger. History shows that governments exploit tragedies to disarm the people. Without disarmament, centralized control of a population is not possible.

    With the growing violence and destruction perpetrated by groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and calls for police to stand down, or to be defunded, we cannot allow this administration to “chip away” at our freedom.

    Finally, a judge that can see this clearly.

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