Governor LePage To Remove Sheriff Joyce?

Posted September 25th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Up in Maine – liberal and conservative views are clashing again.   The Sheriff of Cumberland County is refusing to cooperate with ICE.

Governor Paul LePage,  – a decent, honest, and often blunt man may have to remove him.  The Sheriff is defiant – but ~ maybe ~ has never read the State Constitution.

Governor LePage came into office with Maine teetering on bankruptcy,  unemployment high,  drug ODs through the roof,  and illegal immigrants overloading the schools, welfare, medical, and justice systems.

It’s been a slow hard turn-around.  Maine’s two libturd US senators haven’t helped.

Now Trump has Homeland Security working again,  and INS wants to deport criminal illegals,…and Sheriff Joyce is being very public in his refusal to work with them.

These next few days should bring some headlines,  – although the Mainstream Media may still be focused on kneeling football players.

I sure wish Massachusetts had a governor with brains, heart, and BALLS!

One Response to “Governor LePage To Remove Sheriff Joyce?”

  1. Catherine

    Are there County commissioners willing to file that complaint?

    Removal from office for OATH-BREAKING (after all, ALL public officials swear to uphold the Constitution which includes Constitutional laws made be Congress regulating immigration – see Article 1 Section 8) should be swift and certain. The fact that it is a remedy woefully under-used is shameful in this country.