Governor Kitzhaber’s Green Card Wife

Posted October 10th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Well, actually his “First Lady” is just his girlfriend, ~ maybe…  After today’s bombshell, ~ maybe not
Kitzhaber and Green Card Wife

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber
has been sporting some delicious arm candy lately – one each Ms. Cylvia Hayes – a twice-divorced consultant.

WAIT A MINUTE!!    That’s thrice-divorced!!!  

Seems she took $5K for a sham green card marriage to an Ethiopian back in ’97,  – and divorced him two years later.

But she never told the Gov,…until the story broke.

She sobbed “I needed the money…”.

I can sympathize some with the Governor. He’s hardly the first man who wasn’t told the full story…. But, ~ just maybe ~ a governor should run a background check…?

Oregon’s own Evita…  I wonder if there are unresolved tax and property issues….?


OUCH! An UPDATE! Tuesday, 14 October 2014  Seems back in ’97 Ms. Hayes was involved in a land buy. She fronted $15K to buy land for a marijuana farmwith an abusive boyfriend”…

Governor, there seems to be a lot of baggage here…

UPDATE! Friday 13 Feb 2015 Kitzhaber resigns – effective 18 Feb. SecState Kate Brown will assume duties – she will be first openly bi-sexual governor.  Oregon – you folks are too weird!


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  1. Hawk1776

    It makes one think we’re living in a soap opera. If you saw it on television you’d laugh at the script.