Governor Jerry Brown’s Damn Dam

Posted February 13th, 2017 by Iron Mike

It’s Oh SHIT!” time…   Nearly 200,000 Northern Californians evacuated…

Brown,  a hard-left Democrat,   has been in office this time since 1 Jan 2011.

UPDATE:    Wed, 22 Feb 2017  More rain, more erosion, and more cover-up politics…

Not just the dam,  but nearby roads are failing,  and more rain is due.  STAND BY!  The anti-Trump Governor Brown has already asked for Federal HELP from President Trump….


6 Responses to “Governor Jerry Brown’s Damn Dam”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    I understand there is legislation in Congress as we speak (type….) to allow appellants who are injured either or both in person and property to sue the governments or government officials whose stupid decisions caused the injury. Because of all the uber-liberal judges sitting on benches, this could in the long run prove painful, as some good guys could get caught in the crossfire.

    But they are all, after all, “volunteers”, and legislation like this might just make everyone think three moves down the chess board before making their immediate move….

  2. Jim Gettens

    Oroville Dam warnings ignored for past 12 years. Typical! Your incompetent government officials at work…

  3. Kojack

    I heard on the radio that the sanctuary city defiant gov moonbeam is demanding federal money to correct the Lake Orville Dam situation. You can’t have it both ways, moonbeam. Maybe your “un-documented” citizens will open their wallets and help you out, but if I were you I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  4. Maynard Brandon

    $25 billion/year – that’s billion with a “B” – for illegal aliens plus a projected cost of $64 billion – again with a “B” – for high speed rail to nowhere. Gotta get those priorities straight, Gov. Moonbeam.

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    Maybe Meryl Streep and Ashton Kutcher and Cher and Rosie O’Donnel and Whoopi and the rest of the entertainment world loudmouths will chip in… Maybe Bill Maher can find another cool million, the amount he gave Obama….

  6. Sonny's Mom

    LTC: for any reason whatsoever? Won’t that legislation simply enable thousands of frivolous lawsuits against the Trump administration, to go forward? There’s plenty of Soros money to make it happen.