Governor Charlie Baker – Sworn In!

Posted January 8th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Charlie Baker Sworn In

4 Responses to “Governor Charlie Baker – Sworn In!”

  1. Hugh

    Ho hum

    How long will it be before he stabs us in the back with some gun control bill or militant homosexual or a myriad of other issues. He, like Boehner will screw us and expect us to believe how he’s fighting for us.

    Why bother honestly it’s pointless in this state. Btw does anybody know what guy associated with the MA GOP tweeted about how great it was Boehner beat back the “moonbats” in the GOP? It was brought up on Kuhners show either yesterday morning or the day before. I know there are lots of candidates for that title.


  2. Casey Chapman

    I was watching the live coverage on channel 5. Talk about snarky hosts. Geeeeeees!
    Here’s hoping he’s not anywhere near to being as corrupt as his predecessor.

  3. Marc

    I have no enthusiasm for Charlie “Big Dig” Baker and expect that he’ll prove to be as much of a dissapointment as his RINO predecessors Romney, Swift, Celluchi, and Weld. The only thing he’s got going for him is that he’s not Marsha Coakley, and that’s not much. I wish that he’d pull an Arlen Spectre and switch parties. I’d rather have him pulling the Democratic party to the right, even if its only by a tiny amount, than have him pulling the GOP to the left.

  4. Hawk1776

    One day in office and you’re crapping on him already. Really? Give the guy a break and remember the democrats have a veto-proof majority. He’s a Republican. Call him a Rino if it makes you happy but I submit I’d rather have Baker as Governor than Coakley.