Governor Candidate Dragged Off Stage!

Posted April 11th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Video below the fold is as graphic an example of the Democrat Party in action as you’ll find anywhere…

FULL DISCLOSURE:  When I first came to New England after living in the South  – by chance I moved to Brookfield,  – it being the closest town to my work that I could afford.

Enjoy the video:

Ms. Whitnum lists in her background a 15 year proud Union Member of SAG (the Screen Actor’s Guild)….so perhaps being on stage again triggered her need to create a little drama….

Connecticut’s outgoing Democrat Governor is Dan Malloy – a true-blue MoonBat who has declared his state a sanctuary for illegals,  – and outlawed the AR-15,  – all while bankrupting the state,  causing business to flee.

Sadly, Ms. Whitnum’s website addresses NONE of these ISSUES….

3 Responses to “Governor Candidate Dragged Off Stage!”

  1. Clinton Ma Tea Party

    Glad our Massachusetts Rino do it the sneaky way and cheat the candidates Charlie and the Rino establishment do not want. Like Mihos in 2010 and Fisher the next election.

  2. Kojack

    Hard to feel sorry for a DEMOCRAP. No matter what they say they all use the same playbook once they get elected. There are many RiNOs but NO DiNOs.

  3. Jim Buba

    There are so DINOs!
    They’re called ‘COMMIES’.