Governor Beverly Perdue’s Bad Day

Posted July 20th, 2011 by Iron Mike


8½ Minute Veto

 As the charade plays out in the Obama White House over budgets and debt,  it’s worth noting what happened last month in North Carolina. Fiscal conservatives promptly overrode a liberal veto.

North Carolina grew resoundingly in the 1960s and 70s. Industry escaped from repressive Democratic Yankee states to the more business-friendly South. Retirees also flocked south to escape high state income and property taxes. The economy boomed.

But lately – mostly since November 2008, things have soured.

North Carolina is struggling with high unemployment – 11.4% in February, down to 9.7% in May. In June – five conservative Democratic state senators – each a career politician – joined with the Republicans to override the Governor’s veto.

Governor Beverly Eaves Perdue is a veteran liberal Democrat. She served two terms in the state house, five in the state senate, and was then the LtGov. She was elected in 2008 [w/ Obama] with a razor-slim 50.3%. Obama got less – 49.9%.

So this year – faced with high unemployment, the Obama-induced business recession, and a legacy of Democratic social feel-good programs, Republicans presented the Governor with a slimmer budget. It cut funds for Planned Parenthood and some preschool programs.

A lifelong liberal, Beverly made a big fuss how it ‘didn’t represent NC values‘ and would change the culture of providing education ‘from the high chair to the rocking chair‘, do ‘generational damage as it… rips into the classroom‘. Seeming to hold back tears for 8½ minutes, she then vetoed it with a big rubber stamp.

 I guess the new facelift didn’t work it’s magic on the state legislators.

Three days later they’d spoken – overriding her veto by 73/46 in the House and 31/19 in the Senate.

Beverly will have to govern with a mere $19.7 Billion. That’s $2,100.oo per resident.

The veto override bodes well for Republican plans for redistricting.

BY CONTRASTMassHole Gov Duh-val Patrick just signed a $30.6 Billion budget – that’s $4,641.oo per resident.

   Any wonder we’ve just lost a congressional seat?
   Can ANYBODY guess one reason State Street is CUTTING another 558 Boston jobs?

Any wonder why our state has become a magnet for abortions, illegal immigrants, welfare families, gay couples, and über-liberals of every stripe? Don’t you wish we had a little of North Carolina’s common sense in our legislature?

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

I’ll give Bev credit for one bill she signed – broadening the ‘Castle Doctrine‘ of the 2nd Amednment.  But the following week she vetoed the Voter ID Bill [ like all Democrats, she wants those illegal votes].

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  1. Leigh

    She has the worst facelift I’ve ever seen. Did she actually pay someone for that? She looks like a tron.