Governor Baker: The Ripples Report Is IN!

Posted September 9th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Charlie,  the Ripples Report gives you all the ammunition you need – IF – you really want to fix the system that is killing kids….
DFC Ripples Report
Or you can be a Deval Patrick Clone – and play Musical Fat Ladies again…   If you have NO CLUE, we’re included a few here….

You wanted to be the Governor; – so then BE THE GOVERNOR!   Stop trying to be the ‘nice guy’ or the ‘politician’. Forget about being President someday.  DEAL WITH TODAY!

Make a Public Announcement on PRIME TIME – declare that  a State of Emergency exists.

1.  Summarily FIRE Director Linda Spears – and ALL the OTHER FAT PEOPLE in supervisionBeing FAT on this job is a DISQUALIFIER,  – because they cannot / will not get out into the field, – climb stairs – and visit the homes in question.

Olga Roche Linda Spears

Be ready with their replacementshard-core / hard-nosed active or retired cops and soldiers – ready to report directly to you – and ready to work 14-hour days for weeks, – for months if necessary,  – 7 days a week,  – until the mess is cleaned up.

Establish a NIGHT SHIFT of ARMED surprise inspectors.   Nobody takes a kid without signing Consent to Search.

2.  Go before a FEDERAL JUDGE [pick a Republican] and ask that the ENTIRE DFC be placed in FEDERAL RECEIVERSHIP – under you personally – until you can prove and affirm the mess is cleaned up.

Under Federal Receivership, – you can suspend or void the damned union contract with SEIU 509 – the most corrupt and worthless union in the nation.

Tell the judge the issue is simple:  No union contract is worth another dead kid.

Ask for HELP Charlie

ASK FOR VOUNTEER FAMILIES:   Set some priorities – Middle Class [not on welfare] – with stable home [no crime reports],   drug free,  and income levels ABOVE $100K.

Have LOCAL POLICE do the initial screenings – THEY KNOW WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR.

Start moving the foster kids out of the worst deathtraps into the new volunteer homes. Set a goal of 500 by Christmas, 1000 by Easter. Worst first!

Issue monthly report to the Judge – copies to the public.

ASK FOR UNIVERITY HELP:   We’ve got lots of colleges around here issuing degrees in ooey-gooey subject areas of ‘Human Service’.

Have them create a 1-year Extended Junior Sabbatical Internship – for students at least 21 years old with clean records – who would work for DFC as case workers – in 2-person teams – and get college credit for it.

That should quickly solve your caseload problem – at least for a year.

Remember how you campaigned as the ‘guy who could get things done’ Charlie?

Well,  damn-it,  get ‘er DONE!

Call Charlie:   617 725-4005

6 Responses to “Governor Baker: The Ripples Report Is IN!”

  1. Sherox

    The liberals say “if it saves just one child’s life” and “do it for the kids” and “it is all about the children.”

    Make them mean it. It IS about the children.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    The real victims in this debacle are the many children who have been abused, mistreated and in some cases murdered. The DFC has been a terrible stain on Child Care for years. The unions have been no help. The SEIU is the most corrupt public employees union ever organized.

    Like FDR said many times, public employees have no business in unions. They are paid by the taxpayers and their dues are used against the taxpayers. Charlie, clean house and that includes the SEIU.

  3. integrity 1st

    Maybe the first question to ask is how much federal funding will they loose if they STOP taking kids that should not be removed from their homes, and STOPPED forcing adoption of loved children for profit. Follow the money.

  4. Paul J Baldi

    All the reports are meaningless. They ignore the real
    problem, the public employee unions. No reform will ever
    take place as long as the unions hold the line. I wonder
    how our founding fathers would react if they saw how the
    wonderful system they created is being destroyed from
    within by unions, like termites in the woodwork.

  5. John O'Mara

    One of your best, Mike.

    You not only identify horrific problems, but you offer common-sense solutions with specific, measurable objectives – Federal Receivership, volunteer homes, internships, worst cases first … 500 by Christmas, etc.

    Suggestion … enlist Len Mead to run your plan by Karyn P.

    = = = = = = = = = =
    TY John,

    Brother Mead scares the Krwap outta Charlie’s arm candy…. And WE shouldn’t let her be a door-guard…

    I already called Baker’s office, – suggest you do the same.

  6. Catherine

    Fabulous article Iron Mike. Excellent specific suggestions. I will call Baker’s office tomorrow.