Governor Andrew Cuomo Coming Unhinged

Posted November 1st, 2017 by Iron Mike

Andy is a LibTurd with a national following,  – he hates guns, and he loves illegals.  He’s a BIG MAN with Government Programs,  – so he needs lots of TAX $$ to fund his programs.

Now Trump and the GOP is fixing to rub SALT in his wounds,  – making State and Local Taxes no longer deductible on your Federal Income Tax.  Suddenly the citizens of NY, NJ, CT, Calif, and Mass will really see how much their local Democrat Controlled Oligarchies are costing them.  There might be taxpayer revolts!   Heads could roll!

Imagine the fear in Cuomo’s heart – the thought of facing a Taxpayer Revolt…

He appeared on Fox Business this morning – in a lather – and using all the political camouflage words he could muster….

It comes down to the fear that the BIG GOVERNMENT GOVERNORS have of their own people – that if they suddenly were confronted by seeing how much their STATE GOVERNMENT is costing them,  – there would be a revolt to topple these fiefdoms.

Cuomo:   “It is a tax cut plan for some people and for some states.  It’s basically a tax cut plan for corporations.  For a state like New York, a state like California – that has state and local taxes, it’s a tax increase.”

Think of all the Democrats you’ve known,  – who all say they don’t mind paying taxes for services….

You think those Democrat governors secretly know better…?

Democrat politicians aren’t worried about their OWN taxes. 

In many states politicians have exempted themselves,  – just as Congress exempted itself from ObamaCare.

They live comfortably,  pad their expense accounts,  and seldom report their ‘outside income’…. And when need be,  they can vote to raise their own pay.

Wake up People!!!   All the good hard-working folks in the well-managed low-tax states have been subsidizing the LibTurds in the high-tax states.   They pay EXTRA Federal Income Tax to make up for the people in the high-tax states who are DEDUCTING their SALT.

And guess which states are the most vocal in wanting to offer generous state benefits and sanctuary to illegals,  – who aren’t paying Federal Income Taxes….

4 Responses to “Governor Andrew Cuomo Coming Unhinged”

  1. Kojack

    “….All the good hard-working folks in the well-managed low-tax states have been subsidizing the LibTurds in the high-tax states…”

    Exactly! I’ve noticed lately on FOX that the lib-TURDs/DEMOCRAPS from the subsidized high-tax states have been bitching loudly now that their scam is about to go away.

  2. Hawk1776

    I live in a lower tax state. The argument that lower-tax states subsidize higher tax (Democrat) states makes sense to me. I wonder if the bill can pass without support from CA, NY, MA, etc.

  3. Panther 6

    The tax plan needs to be done. I don’t understand all of it and frankly never will but I still say “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.” Make it happen and along the way indict Hillary Babe.

  4. Sherox

    A Taxpayer revolution. To quote Lurch, “Would that it were.”