Gov Patrick’s Election-Year Gift From Obama

Posted May 9th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Suck it up Duh-val, Secure Communities is coming!

Our Governor was counting on our 160,000 illegals as future Democrat voters, and of course he sees their 90,000 anchor babies as ‘clients’. It all fits into the liberal version of the Nanny Welfare State.

But damn, some of those illegals have been killing Americans!

And while the Gov isn’t running this year – Obama is! And Obama doesn’t want the specter of DEAD AMERICANS and MURDERING ILLEGALS following him around the campaign trail.

So what the hell, stick it to his liberal buddy Duh-val. What are buddies for in the liberal world – other than to fling under the bus when the need arises?

Next Wednesday ICE will announce they’ll begin to implement Secure Communities statewide
OVER the governor’s objections.

This is a major victory for the Northborough, Marlborough Greater Lowell, and North Shore TEA Parties.

Take a bow John O’Mara, Ralph Belmore, Kelly Curran, and Carlos Hernandez.

You kept the pressure on the governor’s corrupt and inept minions in the ‘Executive Office of Public Safety’.

It was NEVER about ‘racism’ – it was simple common sense: remove and deport dangerous and violent criminals!

Governor Patrick make it clear – anybody who said the word ‘illegals’ was racist, and damn-it, – we could live with a level of murders, rapes, and robberies – so long as this potential voter block was untouched.

I can barely wait to hear Mary Beth Heffernan answer reporters questions with a long string of ‘I don’t know’.

I’m certain ICE will go grab up fifty of the most flagrant illegals quickly – to make the point that Obama ‘is tough on crime’. After all, none of them has a copy of his real birth certificate.

  Folks, it’s all just campaign window dressing
– all just for show.

Obama doesn’t believe in ‘illegals’ any more than Deval Patrick does.

They all believe in OPEN borders. But it’s an election year – and the TEA Parties are showing renewed strength and prowess, so let the roundup begin!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “Gov Patrick’s Election-Year Gift From Obama”

  1. Ralphyboy

    Thanks for the Kudos Mike. But it was the entire Tea Party groups presence and persistence that made this possible as we attended the many events held throughout the state.