Gov. MoonBeam: “This Is Your New Normal!”

Posted December 10th, 2017 by Iron Mike

California’s Governor MoonBeam lives in an alternate universe,  – a world without borders – where people with money and corporations are heavily taxed to pay for illegals to come and go to college for free.

When there isn’t enough money left over to fix dams or buy fleets of water tankers, – oh well – call it “Global Warming”

In Massachusetts – we can only look on with sympathy.  We suffered through 8 years of the racist fool Deval Patrick, – and the pussified RiNO that replace him hasn’t proven any better,  – either fighting illegals or preparing for natural disasters.

But Governor Jerry Brown is in a class by himself for turning his back on US Citizens and lavishing tax dollars on illegals,  some 2,500,000 of them.

And his decree that California would be a “Sanctuary State” means that illegals get set free to commit more crimes,  – while Jerry curses President Trump, – and the rest of us.

Mind you now, should freed murderer Jose Ines Garcia Zarate come knocking on your door – or just kicking it in,   – MoonBeam wants you disarmed and helpless as you frantically try to dial 9-1-1,…..

He doesn’t want US Citizens shooting any of his precious future Democrat voters.

Does Brown have his priorities screwed up, – or is he simply insane?

2 Responses to “Gov. MoonBeam: “This Is Your New Normal!””

  1. Vince Picarello

    I have friends who live in CA, I don’t know how they put up with this idit…

  2. Kojack

    This ASSHOLE makes me more thankful for the electoral college every time I hear his name. Imagine elections being determined by MOONBEAM and COUMO?!?!?

    If MOONBEAM and other lib-TURDS want CA to secede from the union then cut them loose. Maybe their precious illegals will help him out….but I wouldn’t hold my breath.