Gordon Hintz’s Unheavenly Touch

Posted March 1st, 2011 by Iron Mike

Fleebaggers!  That’s what they’re calling the AWOL Wisconsin State Senators hiding out in Rockford, IL.  Meanwhile, back at the state capitol in Madison things have been heated in the Wisconsin House – even before the Union Teachers showed up to protest and camp out.  

State Rep Gordon Hintz for instance has been drawing a lot of attention.  He’s the Democrat from District 54, representing Oshkosh.  February is a month he’ll want to forget.

First the lad got himself arrested for patronizing the Heavenly Touch Massage Parlor in Appleton. He was cited on Feb 10th for sexual misconduct.  The cops had been staking out the place, and Gordy fell into their net.  Good thing he’s single…

 Then there was a rant he delivered on the floor of the Wisconsin House.  Judge for yourself:

Then came the threat to a female Republican Michelle Litjens also from the Oshkosh area.  After a vote to cut off debate was passed [albeit so fast that sleep deprived Democrats were caught off guard] Gordy vented his rage by turning to the very lovely Michelle and shouting “You’re fu-king dead!”.  Class act Gordy, real class act.  Nothing like ‘dialing down the rhetoric’, eh?

Gordy has since issued an apology or two, but I’m guessing that outburst will hang around his neck for a decade or more.

I can’t wait to hear how March goes for Mister Hintz.  Will they still call him ‘Honorable”?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “Gordon Hintz’s Unheavenly Touch”

  1. Tom Gilroy


    Gordy, is a democrat and he will receive a pass from the media and the other 13 of the “holdouts”, pardon the pun. He and Mike Capuano are birds of a feather that flock and flap together. Where is the outrage? Crickets!!

  2. Karen G

    Imagine if this situation in Wisconsin was the other way around…If the fleebaggers were Republicans, Obama would send in the armed forces to drag them back to vote. On the contrary, since the 2008 election our Republican lawmakers have had to take one slap in the face after another from the moonbat brigade. They haven’t run away because they are real Americans. Time for the Dems of Wisconsin to man (or woman) up!