GOP's New Hat

Wow, I thought the GOP was out of touch.  But not this far!  The GOP has decided NOT to hold its convention in AZ due to the boycott.  Buckling under to the pressure of the Hispanic voter block they have chosen the PC thing to do.  They’re avoiding the situation. 

So, in spite of the fact that 80% of Americans want the US to defend its borders the GOP doesn’t.  The AZ law mirrors the US law.  AZ enacted it because the US won’t enforce theirs.  AZ citizens are tired of being harrassed, terrorized and taken advantage of by illegals. 

The GOP doesn’t care, however.  They have a better agenda.  One that more closely mirrors the agenda of the Dems.  After all, how can they court that elusive Hispanic vote if the GOP doesn’t do as they say?  Oh wait, the Hispanics didn’t vote for the GOP last time, in spite of McCain’s overwhelming support of them.  When will the GOP learn?  Probably not ever. 

I will continue my personal campaign to hang up on anyone from the GOP when they call begging for money.  They do NOT represent me or any conservatives.  How pathetic.  Perhaps they’ll hold their convention in Mexico City in a grand show of solidarity. 

I hope they remember not to drink the kool-aid… er, water.    rr

One Response to “GOP Chooses Illegal Aliens Over Supporters! …and throws its hat in the ring!”

  1. ironmike

    Hey RR, you ~ may ~ be too close to the cactus out there to count the electoral votes. Calm down a bit and consider:

    In 2008 Arizona went for McCain at 54%, delivering all 10 electoral votes.

    But Florida went for OBummer by a slim 51%, thus delivering 27 electoral votes.

    This November either a McCain or a Hayworth win in Arizona would be acceptable. The new law there says that Conservatism and the Constitution will prevail in November.

    But in Florida – with RiNO Charlie Crist now running as a scorched ego independant against Marco Rubio, . . . it makes some sense to focus attention and energy on that race and make sure we have a conservative Senate winner, and all the representatives that will be on that ticket.

    Under present conditions neither Crist nor Meek would be an acceptable outcome – both would toe OBummer’s line. Crist would be like another Benedict Arlen Specter.

    So any Republican energy generated in Tampa might help move more of those 27 electoral votes into the Conservative camp for 2012 [when Jeb Bush ~ might ~ be on the ticket].