Goomba Joe Curtatone vs Bobby Jindal

Posted August 4th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Democrat Mayor Joe Curtatone has boldly made his tiny city of Somerville, MA into a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.
He’s defiant about it.
Curtatone v Jindal
He recently challenged the Governor to “come get him”.

It was meaningless bluster, – he was challenging Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana – 1,577 miles away. Real brave of you Joe.

In many ways, Joe Curtatone is a very very lucky man. He seems to have a secure political future in the MoonBat State, – he has a beautiful wife and four healthy sons, and for the moment his kingdom of 79,000 people is just 4.2 square miles,  many on welfare.

Curtatone Sept 2014

He has voiced plans to run for governor someday,  perhaps when he can ride Democratic coattails in a presidential year.

Meanwhile he should pray there are no Francisco Sanchezs lurking among the illegals he so boldly harbors.

Because having been so in-your-FACE about his agenda,  he could expect massive public rebuke and legal actions should another Kate Steinle murder take place on his watch.

Curtatone Family

Given the age of his children,  he should pray there are no child predators or drug dealers among the illegals he’s hiding in plain sight.

Maybe he should just pray – PERIOD!

Because there is a certain inevitability about Karma,…

           …and Karma can be a raging BITCH!

UPDATE:   Friday 20 August 2015   Goomba Joe still marching with the lunatic fringe and the race-baiters…

WHO paid for this banner Joe?

Mayor's Banner

Email Joe:

Ask him when do White Victims – like Janet Downing and Deanna Cremins get their banner…


2 Responses to “Goomba Joe Curtatone vs Bobby Jindal”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    Definition of a moonbat:
    someone who will invite a wild animal to sleep with his children, or a Michael Jackson, pick your choice, and say, peace, love to all.

    STEINLE – see for Ted’s article…it’s getting worse, BYRON RUSH, the DEMENTED ONE is promoting a bill to make ALL OF MASS. A SANCTUARY STATE. AND LOTS OF DEMS have signed onto this bill.

  2. MC

    We have all noticed that moonbats are the first to decide which laws they want to follow BUT if in doing so someone infringes on their space, they are the first to call for the authorities to jump to their commands.

    But as you say, Iron Mike, Karma is a bitch !