Goodnight Doctor Krauthammer, TY!

Posted June 21st, 2018 by Iron Mike

3 Responses to “Goodnight Doctor Krauthammer, TY!”

  1. Mt Woman

    God bless him, a true inspiration for all. He lived his life if a remarkable way.

  2. Catherine

    On the longest day – how appropriate for all the light he shined on this dark world.

    Rest in peace, Sir.

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    A great man, a great intellect, a wonderful voice for America, he is already greatly missed. Charles Krauthammer, a man who beat unbelievable odds and overcame so many obstacles, accomplished so much in this life.
    In a poignant note to his readers, he announced that he only had a few weeks to live. He thanked his colleagues, his readers and television viewers, “who have made my career possible and given consequence to my life’s work.” “I believe that the pursuit of truth and right ideas through honest debate and rigorous argument is a noble undertaking. I am grateful to have played a small role in the conversations that have helped guide this extraordinary nation’s destiny”.

    Rest in peace to a wonderful man and a great patriot that taught the world so much. Thank you from all of us.