Good Luck Kids; Play Nice!

Posted June 15th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Twice-divorced Guilfoyle – 49,  is now dating Don Jr. – 40,  – even before his divorce from Vanessa – 40 is final.  The sleazy media will have a field day….

Kimberly was married to Democrat Gavin Newsom (2001 – 06) who is now running for Governor of California.  She has a son by her second husband.  The Trumps have five kids.

Can’t wait for CNN to find some ‘Russian Collusion’ in all of this.
BUT,  will they follow Bill Clinton to see who HE is dating?

2 Responses to “Good Luck Kids; Play Nice!”

  1. FLICK

    Don’t get your meat where you get your bread.

  2. Bob Shannon

    Frankly, I thought she was smarter than that.