Good Guys Lose AGAIN At MassGOP

Posted January 25th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Only the death of a close friend could be worse news for Massachusetts Republicans; – – the MouseketeerKirsten Hughes – has been re-elected as Chair of the MassGOP.

The vote was 46 : 30 : 1 : 1….   People who’d promised to vote for Steve Aylward, lied.  It seems Charlie Baker was making calls all afternoon.

Folks,  it was a classic battle between the old guard RiNOs – the Bill Weld – Mitt Romney – Jeb Bush – John Kasich – Charlie Baker wing of the party – vs – the folks who are actually core-level Republicans – and who do more than write checks each election cycle.

For these past 4 years Hughes has been bloody awful – a fraud of a Republican,  – a favorites-playing non-leader, – and totally inept at planning events and operations.

For these past 4 years she’s made no effort at outreach to our Black and Hispanic communities, – no Spanish-language MassGOP site,  – no bi-lingual literature – nothing – nada!

Look at that top photo again.  WHO ON EARTH plans an important meeting in a room with two large square columns right down the middle…?  Only a dumb-ass, – that’s who!

Your humble blogger even had to get the MassGOP hack to correct the position of the flags.   Kids seem not to know or even care thee days…

Who and What exactly are these Old-Guard RiNOs?

For the most part they live sheltered or insulated lives,  – many actually on government payrolls.  (What real Republican works for Government…?)  Some thrill in the presence of elected officials,  – are keen to have their picture taken….tell their friends…..

BUT,….they can’t talk about Republican Issues – because they either don’t understand them,  – or don’t believe in them.

Some like our vice-chair are gay, – some like Kirsten are gun-phobic and anti-gun, and others are secretly pro-abortion,…perhaps from having one when they were young – or because they have a young relative they fear might need one….

Few if any could stand on a chair and give an impromptu speech on Republican Values, – and they’d be terrified to do so in a crowd of strangers.

Many in the room are blissfully ignorant about MS-13 and the XVIII Street Gang.

For them the State Committee is a quarterly social event which makes them feel important,  – and like they’re “doing something”….

Which begs the question:   “Why take your voting orders from Charlie Baker?”

Tonight the Old RiNOs have chosen 46-to-30 to stick with the floozy…and come 2018 Republicans who get on the ballot will be stuck on a ticket with Charlie Baker – who won’t say anything ‘Republican’ all year.

Finally there was my State Committeeman….who smiles (always) and wanted it known I was seeing him without a drink in his hand….

But,…he voted for the floozy.

You are a sad sad disappointment Brian,  – and a sorry excuse for a Republican!

FOLKS:   If you know and see Steve Aylward,  – thank him for this run – and all the effort and miles he put in.  He is clearly the better candidate,  and we should all be thanking him.

13 Responses to “Good Guys Lose AGAIN At MassGOP”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    Kirsten is excited that they didn’t lose any seats, and they “picked up one seat.” She fails to mention they LOST the Peabody seat in a special election when Leah Cole gave up her seat and the Dems re-took the seat. So, the Crocker win was nice on the Cape, but the scorecard didn’t change, and very few Republicans ran this cycle (109 Dem reps. got a free-pass):

    2014: 135 Dem. Reps. 35 Republican Reps.
    2016: 135 Dem. Reps. 35 Republican Reps.

    It will be interesting what position she runs for next.
    And if Baker will get any support at all, from all the grassroots folks, he’s pissed all over, repeatedly.

    And DeVito. You forgot to mention that clown!


    T’was good to see you there My Friend!

    DeVito – what can we say about that clever infiltrator – traitor – rat-bastard…?

    He’s the Agenda 21 attorney who makes his living suing towns and businesses on behalf of the Green Weenies,…

    …who PRETENDS to be Republican,…who screwed up the vote count in the past THREE MassGOP elections, – ONE of which brought on Mark Fisher’s lawsuit – which WE paid for….

    He’s no more “Republican” than Michael Moore – which tells you how badly our MassGOP has been infiltrated by the enemies of our Constitution…

  2. Patrick

    The Globe had an appropriate photo attached to their article.

  3. Clinton ma tea party

    We can all see what a Trojan horse the Massachusetts Republican party is. Our state has two Republican parties one being a fake one run by Rinos and Liberal Democrats. The other a real conservative Gop. We need to expose all the Rinos and shut them out of our state Government.

  4. Jim Gettens

    As we know, “Tall Deval” Baker slid quite a few of his State Committee Sock Puppets onto the state payroll, at taxpayer expense–notably within the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs–in high-paying make-work jobs intended to secure their State Committee votes and continuing support, while at the same time outright trying to defeat, in 2016, hard-working, REAL Republican State Committee members, such as Thomas “Frank” Ardinger and Steve Aylward, who worked hard to get Baker elected in 2014.

    Those Baker actions are hallmarks of an OUTRIGHT ASSHOLE.

    I will be Blanking Baker, the RINO Invertebrate, on the 2018 Ballot.


    Guess WHAT Jim…?

    Ardinger voted for the Mouseketeer! Said “…when things are going good it’s not time to change…”

    He was surprised to learn she’s anti-gun – but by then the voting was done.

  5. sad4magop

    Whores are whores. But the thing about these particular whores is that they are very cheap whores. They sell out for a favor here, a cocktail party invitation there. RTC’s across the state were overwhelmingly behind Aylward, but as always with whores, they go with the first people that meet their price. In this case a very meager one. Kudos to the 30 who have principals and want what is best for the Party.

  6. Jim Gettens


    I’m shocked at Ardinger. He got my vote in 2016 and, while chilling my ass off, I held his sign–the only one for him there–for many hours outside the Sterling voting site. He won Sterling by a substantial margin. Quite a few folks stopped by my chair that day and said: “I voted for Ardinger because you were out here.”

    Gotta wonder what payola “Tall Deval” rolled out this time around.

    So, that was my last vote for Ardinger, too. I’m done with these FUCKING SPINELESS HYPOCRITES.


    He is ~ of the belief ~ that the MassGOP made 6,000 robo-calls for him….

    If they ACTUALLY HAD,…he’d likely have won….

  7. Claire Bonnafe

    NOOOOOOOO! This means we’ll have LIAWATHA Warren for life.
    This women treats every election in our state as a lost cause. Throws her hands in the air, sits on her ass and does absolutely NOTHING for the Republican Party in Massachusetts. Such a travesty BIIIIIIGGGGG mistake.

  8. Jim Gettens


    Just for clarification–I held a sign for Ardinger in Sterling on the State Committee election day/Primary day in early 2016 when he faced a newbie challenger put up by that PoS Baker. Folks can go to the Vote Core Values website and check out that and all the other contests.

    Ardinger also ran for State Rep in Leominster and got his ass kicked by a Female Millenial Dem Dope on November 8. I played no role in that contest. That is the contest about which he claims, apparently, that MassGOP made 6000 robo-calls for him. There are 50,000 men, women, and children in Leominster. HMMM, about those calls…


  9. Robby G.

    I am young Registered Republican who has voted in EVERY election since I registered to vote on my 18th birthday…

    Why have I never had any information about these events ahead of time? It would be nice to know, I would have shown up!


    Simple Robbie…..

    You weren’t TOLD, because the insiders DON’T WANT YOU THERE!

    I’ve attended – and reported – for YEARS! Welcomed? Hardly!

    They treat the rank and file voters like SHIT – even while standing there making speeches about getting the Rank & File “involved”.

    Start with your local City or Town Committee….you’re likely to find it well stocked with pro-abortion anti-gun RiNOs, – – or elderly people who don’t use the internet!

  10. Sylvester

    Lesson Learned…….The MASSGOP will do everything they can to remain in power. Baker ( I will never call him Governor as he is a Democrat and did not help the President get elected) was making phone calls to the SC members as the meeting was going on……..

    It is the lowest of the low that will eat the free food at a reception and vote against the MAN that is giving it.

    Brock C. should be drummed out of the Knights of Columbus for nominating the Pro Death Kirsten Hughes…….

  11. Commandcaddy

    Not our RTC… we endorsed Steve and you won’t find many RTC’s in Mass. more pro-gun than Rochester !!

  12. Catherine

    This reinforces the indispensable mandate that exactly ZERO funds should EVER be given to the state (or national) gop.

    Any money you want to donate needs to go directly to candidates.

    STARVE them of the ONLY thing they truly crave – money.

  13. Sonny's Mom

    Robbie G.: the Mass GOP state chair election always happens in mid-January. [Editor – is it a 2-year term?] For updates: Stay tuned to this site. Find out if there are any conservatives on your city/town commitee to keep you updated. Get on an email “mailing list” for your local chapter of the Mass. Republican Assembly and/or a Tea Party chapter. The Boston Broadside is another source. And keep your eye on Steve Aylward, he’s not going away.