Going, Going, Almost Gone!

Posted February 24th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Begun: 1953
Dying:  2010

With network anchor faces we all remember such as John Charles Daly,  John Cameron Swayze,  Frank Reynolds,  Howard K. Smith,  Harry Reasoner,  Barbara Walters,  Peter Jennings,  Elizabeth Vargas,  Bob Woodruff*,  Charles Gibson,  Diane Sawyer,  and lately even that kid – George Stephanopoulos, – ABC news is down to some 1400 employees and is about to shrink by somewhere between 300 – 400 by summer.  Ouch!  That’s gotta hurt.  What’s up? 

During the 60s – there were persistent rumors that ABC was “pink” – meaning they slanted the news to favor the Soviet Union.  But perhaps they were just very left leaning in their personal politics.  And that probably affected hiring decisions,  and thus editorial decisions. 

So when there was no more USSR, – no more Iron Curtain and no more bi-polar world, …well there was still “the Cause” – a world free of the evils of Capitalism,  where everybody would live in equality and harmony!  Why else choose a bubble-headed liberal like Diane Sawyer or Clinton apologist Stephanopoulos to anchor your evening news?  Good business decision, – or personal politics decision?  Do you think eight years of nightly Bush-bashing helped their ratings?  

Doesn’t matter now, – ABC is trying to slim down, gear up, and survive.  But nobody’s watching, – and nobody cares;  we go on the internet for our news now.  Time for a Kool-Aid party!  Type up those résumés.  Anybody out there want to hire some liberal retreads?  I think their reunions will be sad affairs.

Do you think at 1400 (- 300) employees Obama will claim “ . . . they’re too big to fail and need a bailout?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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