God Bless Kay Ivey And Brian Kemp

Posted May 18th, 2019 by Iron Mike

She’s 74, he’s 56, – unlikely heroes who will end up saving millions of lives.  Thank God!  It’s about time!

It’s been exactly 50 years since Norma McCorvey – then 22,  – attempted to obtain an abortion of her third baby in Texas,  – in the case known today as Roe v. Wade.  Because of that disastrous 1973 Supreme Court decision,  over 50 million babies have been killed.

Americans are slowly coming to realize that abortion is not “a solution for a problem”,  – it is wholesale murder of innocent lives,  – which immediately creates a myriad of physical and mental problems for the women who chose it.

Now Governor Kemp has signed a Fetal Heartbeat Law,  and Governor Ivey has signed a sweeping anti-abortion law.

They both know full well that Democrats and Planned Parenthood will push this all the way back to the Supreme Court.  But they know it will take at least a year, – maybe two or three,…while Trump further stacks the courts with pro-life judges.

QUESTION FOR DEMOCRATS:   If Slavery was America’s “Original Sin”, – something so evil as to be worthy of Reparations today – 154 years after the Civil War….

…what would you call the ongoing MURDER FOR PROFIT of 50,000,000 American babies?

QUESTION FOR MOTHERS:   Have your teenage or young adult children ever come to ask:  “Mom, did you have other babies that you aborted…?”  How did you answer them?

Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) led a troubled life,  which included heavy drinking and drug use as a teenager and young woman.

In later life she came to realize how awful abortion is, and to regret her decisions, – and regret having been used by two ambitious young attorneys (Linda Coffee and Sarah Weddington) to make a name for themselves….

It’s time for America to regret Roe v. Wade, – and put it behind us – like slavery…

Any society or culture that kills babies for profit – under the protection of the Democrat Party and Law, – is NOT a civilized society.


Over 50,000,000 babies murdered – for P-R-O-F-I-T...

…which includes hefty political contributions to Democrat politicians…

…but “we need workers”,  – so we have to import Mexican peasants….

…and we need to BAN and even confiscate “Assault Weapons” – to save just ONE CHILD….

…but we must ABOLISH the DEATH PENALTY,…because we ~ might ~ execute an innocent man, –  and it’s cruel and unusual anyway….

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