Gloria Allred: Democrat’s Desperation Player

Posted October 15th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Allred’s ‘poor victims’ all have a certain ‘look’,  and her list of defendants over the years have two things in common: high visibility and lots of money.
When Democrats – like Hillary Clinton are desperate,  they know Gloria will ride in to the rescue with drummed up blondes to distract the media and the voters.


Allred has taken very few pro bono cases.  She is the vampire bat of Hollywood,  going after the rich,  the famous,  and the high profile stars and producers.


Allred has represented mistresses, porn stars, actresses, and on rare occasions – ordinary people with legitimate grievances against the rich and powerful.

Allred seldom gets as far as a courtroom, – she tends to try her cases in front of eager TV cameras, – particularly when her client is a pretty blonde with a full body….


Here is a partial list:

Porn star Ginger Lee vs Congressman Anthony Weiner

Rachel Uchitel and Joslyn James – both mistresses of Tiger Woods

Spice Girl Mel B in her paternity case against Eddie Murphy

Mistress Amber Fey against murderer Scott Peterson

Debrahlee Lorenzana [for being too pretty] vs Citibank

Family of Nicole Brown Simpson

Mistress Vanessa Lopez vs NBA star Shaquille O’Neal

Brittany Ashland vs Charlie Sheen

Porn actress Jodie Fisher vs HP CEO Mark Hurd

Actress Charlotte Lewis vs Roman Polansky

Runaway Christina Fierro vs Lawrence Taylor

Actress Hunter Tylo vs Aaron Spelling

Bodyguard Tony Barretto vs Britney Spears

Demaris Meyer vs Morgan Freeman

So you too can be a client of Gloria Allred. Did Donald Trump or somebody at RRB fondle you,  – make you feel uncomfortable,  – or just talk about sex to you?

Were you made to feel ‘dirty’ – or even suicidal…?

Are you blonde, with big breasts?  Send your photo and contact information to Gloria.


Funny how Allred never represented any of Bill Clinton’s women….

Bill Clinton's Lifetime War on Women

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