Global Warming Scammers? “Jail The Lot!”

Posted March 12th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Bob Parks of Black & Right asks an appropriate question about “Global Warming“.

If you don’t remember, it was Lord Christopher Monckton whose video went viral – who single-handedly blew the lid off the climate fraud scam.  That led – THANK GAWD – to the failure of  the Copenhagen Climate Treaty last December. 

While we may never know for sure,  I believe that video inspired somebody to do the right thing – and reveal those 20,000 emails which proved the “scientists” [crooks] at East Anglia University’s CRU ** had been cooking climate data for over 20 years – while drawing lucrative salaries and advancing their personal careers as “experts”.  

That group at the CRU are the nucleus of the ‘man-made global warming” hysteria – i.e. “the polar bears are dying, – we’re next!”.  Out of that hysteria and fraud grew the climate change bill last year we now call “Cap & Trade” or “Cap & Tax”.  It’s all based on fraud.

Kind of too bad that no American scientist had the courage to step up and publicly debunk the myth, – until after Lord Monckton led the way. 

As for jail time, – let’s start with Al Gore!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts

**  Note the entire web page for the CRU is being rebuilt following the scandal.

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