Global Warming? Holy Schism!

Posted June 22nd, 2015 by Iron Mike

Damn!  Just when the Left Wingers thought they had a Global Warming ally in Pope Francis [of all people] – Cardinal Donald Wuerl – the Archbishop of Washington DC,  says “Not Quite”.
Cardinal Wuerl and Pope Francis
Holy Schism!  What’s a God-rejecting Democrat to think?  I mean, – if you can’t trust the Pope of Rome, – who can you believe…?

Pope's EncyclicalAnd did you watch those Democrats, atheists, and agnostics twist themselves like pretzels as they tried to embrace the Pope’s Encyclical on Global Warming and Saving the Earth – while trying to ignore his message on abortion?

Almost as much fun as watching the Cafeteria Catholics….

The issue of Church influencing State, – in this case about global warming and abortion – has been with us since the Founding.

It ~ may ~ have reached a crest back in 1928 when New York Governor / Democrat / Progressive [and Catholic] Al Smith ran against mining tycoon Herbert Hoover.  Al lost badly.

1928 Election

We can trace the false narrative of “Separation of Church and State” – today used by Liberals, – back to that 1928 campaign, – when the nation’s anti-Catholic fears [rooted in memories of feudal Europe] worked to crush Smith’s campaign.

Funny how 70 – 80 years causes parties to switch positions…..

The same Progressive Goons who want God out of our schools and town halls, – who want manger scenes banished from the public square,  and crosses removed from public lands,  – are suddenly embracing Pope Francis as a Global Warming ally!

So Cardinal Wuerl was on Fox News Sunday to explain how HE sees the Pope’s message, – as an invitation to talk.  Sure hope it doesn’t cost him his job…. 

Anybody think the Chinese and/or the Indians will join this ‘conversation’?

Excuse me Your Holiness, – but could you issue an encyclical about ISIS,  – or would that sound too much like a Crusade…?

One Response to “Global Warming? Holy Schism!”

  1. Paul J Baldi

    Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and
    render to God the things that are God’s.

    Is (man made) global warming a religious issue?