Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor

Posted August 28th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Somewhere in the crowd was the Rabid Republican and Mrs RR.  I can’t wait for their report. 

I watched – some on Facebook [I believe it will be re-broadcast] and some on C-Span [also says they will re-broadcast]. 

Already the MSM are wringing their hands because Glenn was calling for a national return to our founders principles of individual responsibility and faith in God.  That “God thing” really upsets liberals.  Note this vile parody of the event’s logo.


You just know some snot-nose left-wing computer geek got a big chuckle out of this piece of work.  He proved one thing for sure – his mind is in the toilet!

You should also be aware of the MSM’s efforts to minimize the crowd size and to claim that Beck and Sarah Palin are trying to turn America back to the hard religious right.  Glen has a goodly crowd – as this photo I borrowed from Bob Parks proves:

Isn’t it odd that the left is so very quick to embrace a 9/11 victory mosque on the site of a horrific Muslim murder of innocents, but are even quicker to cast aspersions and anything Christian

Al Sharpton held a competing rally – I think in somebody’s back yard – where he claimed Glenn was “trying to hijack the Civil Right Movement“.  Right Al, and you’ve been doing what with it for fifty years?  Oh that’s right – making a living from it!

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Watch live on C-Span or on Facebook:

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