“Gimme A Break. C’mon Man!”

Posted January 21st, 2021 by Iron Mike

AP White House reporter Zeke Miller asks China Joe abut his plan to vaccinate the first 100 million Americans….

Biden wasn’t ready to discuss the issue.  Video clip:

Mark this day:   DAY ONE – China Joe unable to answer a very simple question….

It can only get worse with time and advancing dementia.

Read our XXV Amendment – § 4

3 Responses to ““Gimme A Break. C’mon Man!””

  1. Jim Buba

    Hurry! Only 1,459 Days of Hell to go!

  2. John Pagel

    Expert “YELLOW BERET” Weasel

  3. Kojack

    The Maoists will keep the Cadaver in Chief around until he starts to stink too bad to cover it up.