Gigolo John Kerry Sells Theresa’s Yacht

Posted June 16th, 2016 by Iron Mike

John Ketchup Kerry is facing old age and hard times [unemployment] and he won’t be able to take Obama sailing….. He’s selling his New Zealand-built sailing yacht – the Tax Dodger – for a mere $4 Million, – about 43% of what he paid…..
Kerry's yacht for sale
That yacht and Kerry himself stand as absolute proof that shit floats….

War Hero” Kerry had the yacht built in New Zealand because (1). there are so few American shipyards left that can do that kind of work,  and (2). the 2000 Democratic Presidential Candidate wanted it built cheap – and was avoiding paying US labor union wages….

Then the cheap prick had it sailed to Newport, Rhode Island for delivery,…so he could avoid paying Massachusetts property taxes on it….

Rhode Island – “The Ocean State” – is boat friendly;  – but here the so-called “Bay State” taxes the crap out of everything!

Somebody dropped a dime on the ‘War Hero” – and he got months of bad press.   Still, Obama hired him anyway as SecState – his 2nd choice after the Senate made it clear his first choice – Susan Liar Rice – would not even get a confirmation hearing.

So the “War Hero” has spent the past 3 years flying around the world giving away US Sovereignty and encouraging Muslim expansionism.  Not much time for sailing,  – and he couldn’t get anybody to go with him…..
Yacht price chopped

Now he’s hobbling around on a cane,  since he fell off his bike in Switzerland.  The “War Hero” is looking right down the barrel of a lonely old age – stuck with his sickly rich wife,  – and likely living where she wants to…..maybe their chateau in southern France?

After a lifetime of blatant treason against the United States,…where is an aging scumbag going to live out his days, – where he won’t run into aging Vietnam veterans like myself,  – who will constantly accost him in public and call him out for his lifetime of betrayals…?

Best go to France… among the Muslims.
Iranians buy Kerry's yacht

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4 Responses to “Gigolo John Kerry Sells Theresa’s Yacht”

  1. Panther 6

    Kerry is a total turd and should never have been elected to Congress let alone by Sec State after his antics about VN and how bad we troops were. He is disgusting..

  2. Leo the Lion

    Next to journalism, politics has always been the preferred occupation for the ambitious, but lazy, second rater.

    And in an occupation (elected politics) noted for its mountebanks and phonies, J. F. (Just For) Kerry stands alone.

    None has risen higher on less. From his highly contrived aura of sophistication, to his fruity voice, to his feigned empathy for his countrymen, to his phony Vietnam War record, everything about this man smacks of contrivance, selfishness, and hypocrisy.

    Worse (if that’s possible), he is a serial marrier of rich women. And anyone who has ever watched him cravenly scurrying along behind Theresa knows the problem with marrying rich women: the pay is great, but the hours are long … on that job.

  3. Hawk1776

    We haven’t heard much from his wife since her seizures a couple of years ago. He’s selling the yacht and the Nantucket property (for about $25M). With Theresa’s wealth, approximately $1B, they certainly don’t need the money. I wonder what’s going on? Maybe they are just preparing to leave the Baystate, although they’ve never really lived here. I’m confident that whatever they are doing John will land on his feet with his money intact.

  4. MCY411

    What the Republic of the United States of America needs is JIHADIST AND TERRORIST CONTROL; NOT Gun Control. Police Officers Randolph Holder and Brian Moore of the N.Y.P.D. were BOTH killed by Ex-Felons with FIREARMS who were in VIOLATION of FEDERAL FIREARMS LAWS.

    And AG Loretta Lynch and the U.S. Department of Justice (?) could have, and should have, prosecuted the Murders pursuing the Capital Punishment clause.

    Instead, the State of New York, led by Governor Andrew “Evil Eyes” Cuomo, will be giving these two Police Murderers Three Hots and a Cot for the next Forty to Fifty Years at the Taxpayers expense; unless a Gutless, Jello-Spined Parole Board says the Murderers are re-habilitated and lets them out earlier.