Germany Is Descending Into Liberal Hell…

Posted November 20th, 2017 by Iron Mike

We should be concerned, because of the geography alone.
Germany has been awash in liberalism since WW II,  – chiefly because of their post-Nazi guilt.  It is akin to the “White Guilt” that most American Liberals seem to be carrying around,  – and Muslims are gleefully using it to invade and overtake that nation.

The current struggle is between Angela Merkel and her mostly liberal CDU party are struggling with Claudia Roth and her über-Libera German Green Party.   It centers around limiting Muslim ‘refugees’ – and Claudia doesn’t want to.

Other issues splitting the now-emasculated German voters are the future of the EU, Climate Change, and taxes.

Despite constant terrorist attacks and near-daily raping of German women, the über-Liberal Greens want unlimited immigration,  – and more “Public Money” spent on fighting “Climate Change”.  If only Bernie Sanders could speak German….or Arabic….

Angela Merkel has awakened too late. Her once-proud once-mighty nation is being over-run by 7th Century barbarians – and she can’t find the words to even name the evil. She’s kind of like Hillary in that respect.

We should pay attention,  because what happens in Germany will still affect our future into the 22nd Century.  Geography alone dictates that,  – and the last thing our civilized world needs is a Muslim Stronghold in either Nuclear France or Industrial Germany.

We can only hope after enough German girls have been raped,  that the German men will rise up – arm themselves,  and begin to purge their land.  But time is short, and the hordes are upon them.

BTW, – this is exactly the future Obama, Hillary and Lurch were setting us up for!

MEANWHILE Americans:  If you don’t want your young women raped and murdered,  – teach them to shoot,  – arm them,  – make sure they are carrying a pistol AND Mace, 

– and stop voting for traitors!

5 Responses to “Germany Is Descending Into Liberal Hell…”

  1. Varvara

    The hordes are upon them…. If you look at all the photographs since 2015 you will notice all the refugees are military age men. There doesn’t seem to be any families, with children, grandparent or pregnant mothers lately.

    German women are fighting back, or at least, trying to.

  2. Sherox

    Shouldn’t the Green Party then have to pay for the rapefugees and personally house them? The rest of Germany should be armed with whatever they can get.

  3. Kojack

    Sherox – It’s time for the radical(common sense) solution you mentioned a while back.

  4. Vic

    Germany has been going downhill ever since the Marne.

  5. Walter Knight

    We lost Virginia, proving it can happen here.