Georgia’s HB 87 – The Next Battleground

Posted May 22nd, 2011 by Iron Mike

The illegal immigration battle shifts to Georgia.

Mexicans and Latinos are mounting fierce opposition to the State’s new law – HB-87. Governor Nathan Deal signed it into law just a week ago in the face of court challenges, street protests, and boycotts. It takes effect on July 1st.

The law is straightforward and tough. Like Arizona’s it gives local law enforcement the authority to do what the Obama federal government won’t – protect the citizens.

Key provisions include making it aggravated identity fraud to use forged or stolen documents to obtain a job. It makes it a criminal offense to conceal or harbor an illegal alien. Exceptions include helping medical emergencies, children in need, and crime victims.

People who contact the police to report crime are off the hook, so the usual claims by amnesty groups that ‘battered women will be afraid of being deported’ are nullified.

Georgia’s 480,000 illegals [more than Arizona’s 460K] – placing tremendous burden on schools, hospitals, law enforcement and the state prison system.

Have you ever heard of Aztlán – or Aztec Land?  Brace yourself.

Many Mexican / Latino immigrants only seek acceptance, assimilation, and of course – amnesty. But many have more militant ideas. There are probably two dozen organizations and groups all after the same thing ‘Reconquista’ or the reconquest of ‘stolen Mexican lands’.

La Raza is prominent among these groups.

Arizona Socialist Congressman Raul Grijalva from Pima County/Tucson is actually leading a movement by M.E.Ch.A. to have Pima County – his 7th Congressional District – secede from Arizona – and maybe from the United States.

We are taking over this land . . .

Now a new group – ‘Take Back Aztlán’ enters the fray. They plan to come en masse to Georgia to protest HB 87.

Their new leader Jorge Serrano says: “Latinos won’t stay at the back of the bus anymore.  We are taking over this land and anybody who doesn’t like it should go back to Europe.”

Another Arizona-based group – Nuestros Reconquistos is more direct. Leader Manuel Longoria says “You cannot stop America from turning into the United States of Mexico. It is going to happen. It will happen within the next twenty years.” Manuel’s leading gripe these days is that he wants more ‘affirmative action’ for illegals getting into college – the ‘same as black students get’.  He wants colleges to overlook that little ~ illegal ~ thing.

Lisa Adler - Amnesty International

With Obama taking sides with the Palestinian terrorist groups in the Middle East against Israel, – and his current lawsuit against Arizona’s SB 1070, – I think we can look at the months between now and November 2012 as 17 months of nearly unending strife. It will be shades of Chicago 1968 – and still the cry will be ‘racism!

Aging American hippies will be in their glory. And all this chaos and misdirection will aide Obama and the forces of La Raza.

The end of the Roman Empire must have been something like this. “Oh dont be a racist. Let the Lombards stay, – they’re good people, – they just want to work”.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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