Georgetown’s Professor Fair Beyond Vile

Posted October 1st, 2018 by Iron Mike

In their attempts to keep the mass murder of unborn babies legal,  – and available for their slut daughters,  the Left – particularly left-wing WOMEN,  – are revealing their nasty vicious sides.

Georgetown is (or was) a Catholic University,  – so such vile language and tweets from faculty members ~ should ~ be enough to warrant firing.

But Professor Carol Christine Fair has done us a favor,  – by showing us EXACTLY what to expect if the Left were to ever be in total charge here.

She’s shown you EXACTLY what to expect from a left-wing government,  – and why you need to be well-armed and have a goodly supply of ammo stored in several places.

The saddest part of Dr. Fair’s rant against Republican senators is that in other settings she can seem quite rational and composed….

The problem dealing with most “educated” left-wingers,  – is that they CAN and usually DO exhibit near-normal behavior.

They only come unhinged when their pet programs are threatened, – as is happening now with the possibility of a 5th Conservative sitting on the Court.

If you Google Dr. Fair – you’ll find she has a history of badgering those who disagree with her – or who have voted for Trump.   She is truly nasty – and sick!

UPDATE:  Tues 2 Oct 2018   She just got her Twitter account suspended.

2 Responses to “Georgetown’s Professor Fair Beyond Vile”

  1. Panther 6

    I am horrified and disgusted that Georgetown Univ has tolerated this gal and her vile evil outlook on life. For a Jesuit School to allow this is truly beyond the Pale. What has happened to the Catholic Church? Don’t answer, I think I know; PCness and feminism.


    And a communist Pope Sir….

  2. Kojack

    How about we feed Dr. Bitch to the swine….alive?


    THAT would be called animal cruelty Kojack…