George Soros OWNS Portland Oregon

Posted November 13th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Underestimate the evil,  the cunning,  and the financial power of this man at your peril.  He has all but shut down a major US city by inciting and paying for 4 nights of anti-Trump riots.
If Soros is successful,  – this anti-Trump movement will spread nationwide,  and dog every day of Trump’s presidency.  There seems no end of young useful idiots ready to filing themselves onto the barricades….

Essentially Soros is a 21st Century Communist,  – a Vladimir Lenin with a near-bottomless bank account.  Insulated from direct responsibility by layers of ‘independent organizations’,  – his people know how to use social media to hire dozens – or hundreds – or even thousands of young fools on a few hours notice.


Most have no clue what the real issues are,  – but they’ve been well-conditioned by 8 years of mainstream media propaganda to believe that anybody conservative must by nature be a vile racist and sexist – and of course homophobic.


she-dissentsDuring this past year our media – the DNC’s Propaganda Ministry – has directed their wrath and their lies at Trump.   And Trump helped by saying “Pussy!”

Their campaign of misinformation and branding has worked. I’ve had otherwise intelligent people – normally well-informed people – rant at me about what a loathsome creature Trump is.

Probably half the country actually believes the propaganda,  – just as they believe in man-made global warming…


This false narrative will be continued in subtle and not-so-subtle way in the media every night,  – where every word and move by Trump will be ‘interpreted’ for you as fitting into one of his despicable qualities.

What does Soros expect to accomplish?

He wants a failed Trump presidency – one rocked by riots like back during Lyndon Johnson’s days.

Soros understands that constant rioting can bring down governments  – as it has in Italy,  Greece,  France,  Korea,  – even here during LBJ’s tenure.

He want’s our economy stagnant,  and refugees from everywhere streaming in to overload our welfare system.  Obama just didn’t do enough.

He wants Americans fed up and ready for a Communist-leaning presidential candidate in 2020, – one who will promise free money,  free medical care,  and free education, – and a guaranteed government job…..

He wants people so desperate they’ll actually buy into a false vision of utopia….


We can only hope this sick old bastard croaks,  and that young Americans wake up!


So,…how do we reach young people and educate them,…in a state where Democrats have made pot legal?  


Do you grasp the EVIL?

2 Responses to “George Soros OWNS Portland Oregon”

  1. Ron Motta

    A major effort MUST be made to unpeel the onion and trace everything back to Gyorgi Schwartz (aka “George Soros”) Anyone who could turn on his own people (Jews), can easily turn on everyone else! I’m sure it’ll be a massive undertaking, but perhaps RICO laws would apply. However they do it, he should be charged with everything in the book and have his funds frozen. Then we will see how truly “organic” these protests are.

  2. John

    There’s no soul visible in these criminals eyes.