Gee Joe, It Just Won’t Be The Same…

Posted August 5th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Biden is hidin’ in Wilmington!   Slow Joe – our National Village Idiot – just announced he won’t go to the Democrat Convention in Milwaukee.

He’ll stay in the cellar in Wilmington and deliver his ‘Acceptance Speech’ remotely (where folks can’t see his over-sized teleprompters).

He’s afraid that with all his pre-existing conditions,  – just one little Coronavirus could do him in…

Creepy Slow China Joe has so many mental problems;  dementia – hair-trigger anger – hair sniffing, – a filthy mind,…that his handlers want to keep their puppet candidate where his exposure to cameras is limited,  and where he can be quickly hustled off stage.

One Response to “Gee Joe, It Just Won’t Be The Same…”

  1. FLICK

    Biden came out of his cellar yesterday, saw his shadow and predicted “FOUR MORE YEARS OF TRUMP!”


    Flick, you are a FUNNY man!