Gays Now Face A STARK Choice

Posted June 12th, 2016 by Iron Mike

For most of my adult life I’ve watched the struggle of lesbians and gays for acceptance – in the community, – in the workplace, – in the military, – in the media….  Sometimes they made common sense,….sometimes they were obscene and grotesque,….trying to attract attention with the worst costumes and behavior.
Gay kill zone
Always they sided with the Democrat Party,…believing they had an ally.

Orlando and Raqqah prove that gays face a stark choice this November,…one many will be slow to understand or embrace….

Stark choices for Gays

Radical Islam is on the march!    They are HERE!

In Syria open combat was their tactic,  – until the Syrian Army got some help from the Russians.  There,  terrorism was merely a useful tool to keep civilians behaving.

Across Europe and into Russia various Muslim groups have used terrorism – mostly to inspire local young people in Muslim communities to rise up…

The 4 airplane hijackings and suicide attacks on 9/11 were merely recruiting demonstrations – designed to inspire young Muslims here in the USA and across the Third World to what was possible,  – if staying alive no longer mattered.

Syed Rizwan Farook and his ‘wife’ Tashfeen Malik

We will kill youBush ~ almost ~ got it; 

– Obama, Clinton, Kerry, and the rest of that Cartel either DON’T – or are on the wrong side….

Now Gays have a choice:

Vote for Hillary and watch the US Government led by the most dishonest woman in American History continue to deny – even to say the name of the very real Islamic threat…..

.while more gay targets are attacked…..again as recruiting demonstrations….


…they can realize that which bathroom their tranny friends use pales in comparison with the image of 50 of them being shot like fish in a barrel…

In other words, – they can switch parties, – vote Republican for once, and watch Trump crack down on some of the STUPID STUFF our government has been doing to play nice and play patty-cake with Muslim Terrorist Groups and their so-called “peaceful Muslim groups” here in the USA.

If ONE (1) SINGLE Muslim can kill 50 people inside of two minutes, – exactly like fish in a barrel….

…and he’s already been on the FBI watch list T-W-I-C-E….

How many more are lurking out there, who will now be inspired to attack another gay nightclub or LBGT parade…?

If the US President won’t even say the very words “Islamic Terrorism” – out of a mistaken [or pretend] fear of insulting the so-called ‘good Muslims’,…then Federal law enforcement will not be allowed under a President Hillary Clinton to go after the bastards…..

.she’ll keep playing the Obama Denial Game…,

….because that’s the only game she knows.

Keeping Gays alive in their nightclubs is not a Clinton or a Democrat priority.

Worse,  Hillary has taken so much Arab money she doesn’t DARE offend them….and THEY hate gays….

Hillary strong-arms Arabs

Gays tossed off roofsThe choice is STARK! 

How many gays can pull their heads out of their asses long enough to really understand the danger they face?

Where are the targets?

Do a Google search for gay nightclubs in [your state]….


NOW PONDER THIS:  50 dead inside the Pulse nightclub.

If those folks had charged the gunman,  – sure,  some of them would have been killed;  but not all 50!

FINALLY,…it seems that Omar Mateen used an AR-15,  – the 2nd most hated gun by left-wing gun grabbers. If you hear Democrats talk about ‘gun control’ or ‘assault weapons’ during the weeks to follow,….you are listening to some totally dishonest politicians.

What we need is Muslim Control!

Here is Mister Obama today, – one of the lamest presidential moments of my lifetime….

Maybe he’s just watched his phony ‘legacy’ evaporate in a hail of Muslim bullets…

4 Responses to “Gays Now Face A STARK Choice”

  1. Leonard C Mead

    Yes, Mike —
    We need to shut down every terrorist mosque here (as they’ve done in Egypt). We need to arrest and deport every illegal muslim.
    We need to charge, try, convict and apply the reasonable penalty to our muslim leader who has empowered all of this with protection of islam, total denial of it’s threat, restrictive gun laws depriving citizens of their right of self defense, purging any reference to isis, jihad, terrorist, etc in every military publication and the purge of military commanders who actually want to WIN THE WAR against islam.

    VOTE TRUMP or expect much more of this horror.




  3. Lee

    In the end, the left has a ‘minority hierarchy’, LGBT folks are not at the top of that hierarchy. If they just want to be able to live their lives, they will side with Republicans. If they want to scramble to be the favored group of the Democrats, they will seek the special treatment.

  4. Hawk1776

    “…. we will stand united as Americans to protect our people and defend our nation and to take action against those who threaten us”.

    Once again no mention of radical Islam. Who does he think is threatening us? The Methodists? The Boy Scouts? The DAR? Sure, I know he thinks it’s the NRA and the Republicans, but seriously, it’s time to take the blinders off. Obama should be fired for non-performance of his duties. He is a clown and no one is laughing.