Gay Senator Baldwin Has Many Challengers

Posted October 16th, 2017 by Iron Mike

US Senator from Wisconsin – Tammy Baldwin has spent these last 24 of her 55 years on the US Government Payroll, – 20 as a Rep,  – and now 4? as a Senator.  She is both Gay and a “Progressive”,  – a graduate of Smith College.

So far at least six (6) Republicans have lined up to ease her into retirement next November.

These include former Marine Kevin Nicholson and long time gun-rights activist Leah Vukmir.

Since Tammy has long been on the wrong side of the KEY ISSUES, – it’s time for Wisconsin’s voters to send her into her next career.

The state is a little laid-back when it comes to politics; – – so long as the cows are giving milk, – the folks don’t get too excited. 

The liberal universities there don’t help the working voters much,…and last year Trump surprised the pundits.

Trump’s win didn’t cause Tammy to do any thinking or soul searching;  – she continues to hang out and vote with the anti-American crowd

She ~ may ~ be a US Senator now,  but her 20 years in the House as an obedient Pelosi Toady has her reduced to a well-trained LibTurd robot – and Chuck Schumer knows how to pull her strings.

It would be great if “Progressives” actually understood History and Economics and could THINK,...but alas,…they vote with their FEELINGS.

We at RRB could care LESS who (or what) Senator Baldwin sleeps with (so long as no children or animals are involved),  – we’d just like her to VOTE like an American Patriot. These past 24 years have proven – beyond any shadow of a doubt – that she cannot or will not.

So we will watch with great interest the Wisconsin Republican Primary Contest – to see which of the six (thus far) will take her on – and then take her OUT!

Recently announced is former Marine Kevin Nicholson. (We really hope he’s a far better Marine than Blue Eagle Seth Moulton).


A lady with long-proven 2A credentials is Leah Vukmir – who the Wisconsin Democrats were ‘horrified by’ as far back as 2009.   Their anti-Vukmir ad is perhaps the best reason to vote for her.

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  1. Catherine

    Vukmir would have MY vote in a heartbeat.