Gawd Save Us From Another Kennedy!

Posted January 5th, 2012 by Iron Mike

What is it with this clan of over-privileged over-consumers?

They’re like the Brittany Spears, Lindsay Lohans, and the Kardashians of politics – they keep getting their pictures and names in the news.

Now one of Bobby’s twin grandsons – 31 year old Middlesex Asst DA Joseph P. Kennedy III is forming an ‘exploratory committee’ to go after [wait for it] ‘Barney Franks Seat’.

My Gawd, we’ve been a whole 28 months without a Kennedy scion in office – no wonder the Boston newspapers are going broke!

The Dems will spin this as ‘the 3rd Generation of service’. I see it as genetically inherited limelight fever. May God and a majority of intelligent voters in the new 4th CD save our poor Commonwealth from any more Kennedy headlines.

Now he’ll have to decide if he wants to take on Brookline Doctor Elizabeth Childs. He’ll have lots of family $$ to shove her out of the way.  And a fawning Boston Globe – what’s left of it.

Of course us old-timers can see the game plan – young JoeP3 figures do one tour of the House – then step easily into Lurch’s senate seat when he bows out – in 2014.

Folks, I’ve JUST become a BIG FAN of Doctor Childs!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

 Here is the new Mass 4th Congressional District:

4 Responses to “Gawd Save Us From Another Kennedy!”

  1. Kelly Curran

    We need another Kennedy like we need a bullet to the brain.

  2. Elizabeth Childs

    I welcome the challenge! Can’t wait until he moves into the district that I’ve lived in for 20 years! (posted by Childs’ staff)

  3. TeaTime

    Beilat has decided to run again. Oh well.

  4. Jim

    Obamanation can’t make a monarchy so going to try to build one on the wreckage of a political family.