Gas Tax To Infinity, – And BEYOND!

Posted May 31st, 2013 by Iron Mike

Because [screw you] – Deval Patrick WILL pay for his unneeded railroad!
3 percent to infinity

Oh, I’m sorry,…you haven’t heard of
their new 3¢ / 3% gas tax?  You weren’t supposed to….

Their plan is simple.  The Democrats on Beacon Hill know you’re getting pissed off about higher taxes – and government waste – like EBT cards for DEAD people….

Deval LightyearBut Deval Patrick is committed [emotionally and politically] to his South Shore Railroad.  Probably wants it named after him….

Last year when he floated this $1 BILLION idea – people screamed ….

So now the plan is a stealth plot to slap 3¢ / gallon tax on gas, starting JUST AFTER the 2014 elections….

Here’s the STEALTH PART:  they’re planning for it to raise AUTOMATICALLY every year thereafter – with no further votes needed.  The amount will be indexed to the Consumer Price Index – or 3%, – whichever is more.

What are the KEY COMPONENTS of the CPI? 

FOOD – travels to your store by truck

Gasoline – ‘nough said?

Chip StickerI figure I’ll let this stuff settle in a bit before I tell you about their plan for a per/mile driving tax

– complete with a GPS tracking chip embedded in your Vehicle Inspection Sticker



The Carbon Tax…[er]. .the CARBON FEE….

They figured ‘fee‘ sounds better than tax…so the ‘FEE‘ on home heating oil will be 40¢ / gal,…if you keep silent…  About the same for Natural Gas too….

How many times do you plan to ride Duval’s railroad?
Deval's Rail Line

6 Responses to “Gas Tax To Infinity, – And BEYOND!”

  1. Flick

    I drive a new Camry hybrid. Ok, there; I said it. It is for personally selfish reasons of not buying any more overpriced over-taxed gasoline than I have to. I AM NOT A TREE-HUGGER. I even had the hybrid badges removed pre-delivery. Mr. rr can verify that! Anyway, much like this stealth energy taxation you are entering into, I’ve learned of a hybrid tax appearing in states. At least VA has a $100.00 annual assessment to all hybrids to make up the shortfall of gas tax not realized at the pump!!! NO TAX for the DC driving VA living VOLT POS owners! Any surprise there?

    We’re doomed…

  2. Casey Chapman

    We are planning to buy a mini-van in the next few years. The new 2014 ford is supposed to get 30 m.p.g., so maybe we’ll be able to afford the gas to go to my husband’s VA appointments.

  3. Kojack

    Just another consequence of living in a state full of MASSHOLES who are always pulling the D lever.

  4. Mindy Katz

    You have GOT to be kidding me! How much more are we going to have to take up the butt before people wake up to what Deval and his administration are doing to us?

  5. Walter Knight

    I am shocked and appalled.

  6. Harry Huckum

    We are not out of the woods for huge tax increases. Not just gas, but all taxes…