Gas Lines: The Joys Of Socialism:

Posted May 19th, 2019 by Iron Mike

In scenes that harken back to the days of Jimmy Carter,  a series of compounding failures have produced gas lines across the once-rich and once-proud land of Venezuela.

But except for the police and the military – everybody is equal.

If you’re young – go research the oil embargoes of the 1970s – when Americans had to plan their lives around long gas lines, and gas rationing….

It quickly gave birth to Jimmy Carter’s 55 mph nationwide speed limits.

Naturally as a spineless Democrat, his solution to Arab / OPEC bullying of our country was to impose restrictions on us….

In Venezuela,  one socialist thug (Chávez) has been followed by another (Maduro) – and neither has had a clue about how to run that nation’s vast oil fields and refinery facilities.

Chávez was an army officer and self-taught communist, – Maduro was a bus driver.

There have always been Americans – even well-educated and prominent ones,  – willing to sing the praises of fascism, socialism, and communism.

They’ll sell you and your children out – in a heartbeat!

Today you’ll find them in our news networks, – the halls of Congress, – and Hollywood, – – and in your local town governments.  The mayor of NY City comes quickly to mind.

When JPK II’s grandfather and namesake was US Ambassador to Britain,  – he was a vocal fan of Hitler’s economic policies….

3 Responses to “Gas Lines: The Joys Of Socialism:”

  1. Mt Woman

    I was a young driver back in the Carter days when we had gas lines. Young people today have no idea what waiting in long lines for a gallon, sometimes rationed, gas for your car was like. A loss of freedom and mobility that is taken for granted.

    One of the lessons we learned from that history was to get out from under our dependence upon foreign oil–only President Trump finally brought this nation to this point where we are no longer dependent upon the mid-East or other nations for our precious oil. Oil not only fuels our economy and freedom, but also, our national defense.

    Bernie, Biden, AOC, Pelosi, Schumer, Warren and their ilk should hang their heads in shame. They know better!

  2. Ben

    The problem is, the pampered pukes of today never had to suffer or be inconvenienced by any disruptions in life. Everything is pretty good right now. No disruption for those who work for it but nothing is free. We fought for our way of life we can only hope our young will do the same.

  3. panther 6

    Socialism would surely change the “no suffering” and lack of inconvenience that most of our citizens enjoy. 2020 may well tell the tale for the future of the American Republic.