Gang Bloodshed In Allentown

Posted June 21st, 2019 by Iron Mike

Details still fuzzy, but at closing time – 2 AM Thursday, as the patrons were stepping out onto the sidewalk,  three gunpersons showed up at the Deja Vu on Hamilton Street to settle a grudge.  Not fuzzy at all: 10 wounded and taken to the hospital.   NOBODY TALKING to the cops!
GunPERSONS”?  It seems one of the shooters is a woman!  Allentown’s duly elected Congressional MoonBat Susan Wild Ellis, – had insightful words….

Serving her first term in Congress, this 62 year old lawyer said she is:

“…horrified and heartbroken that Allentown has become the latest community affected by mass gun violence. Thankfully, there appear to be no fatalities but the trauma and pain inflicted on the survivors will last a lifetime. And, the fear instilled in our community as a result of this act will be long-lasting….

“The scourge of gun violence must be addressed”

Do you suspect that Dems have these inane “GUN VIOLENCE” statements already drafted,  – just waiting to fill in the blanks….?

Police have arrested Angelo Luis Rivera, 20, on some drug charges and suspicion of being involved.  Getting real answers will be nearly impossible.  He has nothing to lose by talking – except his life.

If this mass shooting didn’t make your local news,  – understand it doesn’t fit the Left’s desired story line.

It wasn’t a school,  – it was a nightclub catering to a (straight) Hispanic clientele,  – and the shooters were Hispanic gang-bangers,  – the VERY people Trump is trying to REMOVE.

And it seems they used pistols…. (see update)

Yes,  you read it first here on RRB!

We’ve endured enough crime from our unwelcome illegal immigrants (fucking invaders), – enough lives lost,  enough blood shed,  and enough tax money spent after every event.

We need a fleet of cattle boats and box cars!

Round ’em up and ship ’em home!

UPDATE:  Tuesday, 25 June 2019  It seems two of the gunmen used AR-15s,  and 20 year old Angelo Luis Rivera is a member of the Latin Kings.  He’s being held without bail.

2 Responses to “Gang Bloodshed In Allentown”

  1. panther 6

    Mike,,well said. It is time we took the kid gloves off and got hard with gang bangers. MS 13 and all the rest. Ship them home soonest.

    Guns are not the problem, people are. Guns in the hands of police are part of the solution in my mind. Since we took the Ten Commandments off the walls in our schools and forbade a prayer things have been going down hill. Will we never learn???

  2. Jim Buba

    Gun Control: Use two hands
    Don’t ask, Don’t Tell. You feeling lucky?