Gabriel Gomez: NEVER A Republican!

Posted September 26th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Navy SEAL GomezGoes to Boston Globe and delivers the final betrayal

The Cohasset ‘Republican’ [actually a Democrat] whose entire campaign consisted of saying “Navy SEAL” and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance…. has suddenly had a change of heart?

CAUTION:   If you campaigned for him…this may make you puke…

He’s claiming that suddenly he realizes his wife Sarah was right and he was wrong – that he “ …can no longer support legislation that would allow the continued sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines…”

Still arrogant to the core – he reasons that only Navy SEALs are sufficiently trained to change high capacity magazines, and that we common citizens are not….

His statement ‘conveniently’ ignores the fact that the weapons in question are not ‘assault weapons’ – that they’ve been deliberately mislabeled by the left-wing gun-grabbers.

This statement proves conclusively that Gomez is an elitist – the perfect Democrat.

Guess what Gabe?  The farmers from Acton weren’t as well trained as the British Regulars at the North Bridge, – but they did manage to chase them back over that bridge, – out of town, and back into Boston.

Eventually those common American citizens chased the entire British Army and their Hessian mercenaries out of our country!Cohasset Town Hall

Gabe,  it’s time for you to complete your metamorphosis:  Slither to 41 Highland Avenue, – go into Town Hall,  – see Carol [very nice lady]…

…and change your voter registration to what you really are – a disgusting back-stabbing Massachusetts Democrat!


Navy SEAL Gomez refused to answer

10 Responses to “Gabriel Gomez: NEVER A Republican!”

  1. Chris Pinto

    Don’t forget that Scott Brown believes in the media myth of “Assault Weapons” too.

    What an bunch of ultra maroons.

    Scott is selling his home in Wrentham. I he leaving us for NH?

  2. mark

    I asked him point blank if he supported the Bill of Rights and the 2nd Amendment. His answer disapointed me to say the least. I did not lift a finger to help him. Where is the Massachusetts version of Ted Cruz or Rand Paul?

  3. sad4magop

    I cringe when I hear party leaders like Kirsten Hughes and Ron Kaufman talk about Gomez as the future of the party. He is anything but. He is a Democrat, who donated to Democrats, sides with Democrats on issues, bashes the Republican Party, and gushes at the thought of working with (read: Giving in to) the Democrats across the aisle.

    If he doesn’t believe in what Republicans believe in, he is NOT a Republican. It could not be more simple. Except to Hughes, Kaufmann and the cocktail sippers.

    There is a name for Republicans who abandon most of our values and run for office. It is called ‘Loser’. Gomez is a loser, who got a taste of the limelight and loves to see his name in the paper. I don’t mind him being in the paper, but if he is an honest man then he should be seen there next to Deval Patrick, where he belongs. Not representing our party. For trying to represent our party, he disgraces himself and our Party. I applaud his service to our country, but the fact is that when it comes to the Republican party, becasue he abandons and betrays us, he must be considered a traitor.

    Time to change teams Gabriel.

  4. Tom

    On another note, have we heard from Charlie Baker, the darling of the crowd at Merrimack Street? What are his positions on gun control, immigration, Obamacare, forever gas tax and welfare fraud? We haven’t heard from you Charlie and the silence is deafening. Don’t show up with Scott and Gabe, because then you have blown your cover.

  5. haddanuff

    If Baker wants to catapult any chance of winning, Gomez is his ticket. Is there a more pompous ass out there beyond Deval? I say yes, it is: “”It’s not like I take the Constitution lightly. I don’t think I’m going against the Second Amendment. I’m not taking our right away to get an assault weapon. I’m just saying if you want an assault weapon, join the Navy, go through SEAL training,” he [GOMEZ] said.

    We should rail against any R who dares to promote this traitor for any office.

  6. Casey Chapman

    Gomez is a prime example of what I call a D.I.D.
    That stands for Democrat In Disguise.

  7. Hawk1776

    I voted for Gomez and I still think he’s preferable to Markey. (OK, I think anyone is preferable to Markey). But after this flip-flop I will not vote for him again. Sorry Gabe, but you are a former Navy Seal which made me think you have a backbone. I was wrong.

  8. Paul J Baldi

    Anyone who lives in the Peoples Republic of Taxachusetts
    should not be alarmed by someone like Gomez. How many
    other Republicans have run for office and imploded? Can
    you say John Lakian? Gomez is an opportunist and realizes
    a true conservative will never win a statewide election.
    If you want a conservative in the US Senate, better sell
    the house and move to another state where your vote
    actually matters.

  9. Dave Sturm

    Oh crap!! Scott Brown is going to NH. So am I because of the libtard’s in this state. We will the the new Chicago at the rate we are going if we can’t stop this madness!

  10. Sam Adams

    If Gomez and Baker are the “future” of the Republican Party, get ready for the biggest disappearing act on record.