Gabriel Gomez Comes Apart On Air

Posted April 9th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Gomez Bad ShowingHis ‘Man Up’ challenge backfired…
– in his face.

It became painful to listen to.  I’m sure his ardent supporters were praying for a miracle – which never came.

BACKGROUND: Gomez has been upset that a 3rd party [a conservative PAC] has produced an ad challenging his Republican credentials.  He’s ~ tried ~ to smear them as ‘a hate group’ and challenged Mike Sullivan to ‘Man Up’ and disavow them.

Many of us saw this as typical Democratic deflection, but Howie Carr made the debate happen on his Monday show.  Gomez came to snivel, Sullivan came to debate the facts.  Upon cross-examination – Gomez back-peddled and crumbled,…then tried to distance himself from his own written words.  It was pathetic.  Listen for yourself:


1. The allegedly ‘hateful’ 3rd party ad….

2.  Gomez’s support of Obama and Shuttleworth….

3.  Gomez’s letter to Governor Patrick praising Patrick – for ‘Bold and Thoughtful Leadership…’, – and in that letter claiming to ‘…support President Obama’s programs on gun control and immigration reform’.

Listen to the two segments yourself….

What I heard is Gomez – having arrived unprepared and thinking that it would be easy to embarrass Sullivan – run into a buzz saw of his own written words – and having to admit he would have used different words.  PART ONE
The Patrick Letter

Then in Part Two – he says his actual positions are different from what he wrote to Governor Patrick […that makes him a liar…PART TWO

Sullivan is a man trained to think on his feet,…and he NAILS Gomez,…saying that as an Academy grad and a Harvard Business School grad he should know…that words mean something…that Governor Patrick had a right to believe Gomez meant what he’d written.
Words Matter



Gomez – at best – is in way over his head.  He is NOT senatorial material. 

His instinct is to deflect, to blame others, and to create distractions. These are all from the Progressive Democratic playbook.  Gomez is NOT a real Republican.  He is a stealth Democrat.

Gomez displayed an astounding degree of immaturity – made far more stark and visible when contrasted with the calm professionalism of Mike Sullivan. 

As a senator Gomez would be a very loose cannon, – a typical Democrat.

Sullivan would be the kind of thoughtful, deliberative far-thinking lawmaker our Founders envisioned as they wrote our Constitution.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Reflecting on the debate overnight I came to wonder if Gomez has ever read or really studied our Constitution…  I don’t think he has.
Oh Shit

AND, by now I’m tired of Gomez trading on the words ‘Navy SEAL’.  He’s beginning to sound exactly like John Kerry….

Trying to weasel out of the wording of a letter HE WROTE by saying “I’m not a lawyer / I’m not a politician” is what we Army guys call sniveling.  Words matter!  You wrote them, – you OWN them! 

Mister Gomez: you want to be a lawmaker?  Really?  Laws are written in WORDS!

Maybe once upon a time you could land a plane on a carrier.  Great.  But if you can’t write WORDS that say EXACTLY what you mean them to,…you have no business in this race.  Monday afternoon you pretty much proved that you’re not a Republican, and not senatorial material.

12 Responses to “Gabriel Gomez Comes Apart On Air”

  1. Jim Buba

    Eventually, if you listen to the candidates with the interest becoming of a reasonable, thinking voter, you will be able to cast a vote in confidence.

    This in contrast to the opposition, which insists that you take their word for it when they tell you for who to vote.

    Blind faith is besmirched. If you didn’t hear it firsthand, you certainly have no excuse for not having read about it, perhaps given to just cause to find it and listen to it on the internet roll.

    This is a good thing, because when either of the three wins and in conversation it becomes clear that so-and-so didn’t hear about any of this, I will be confident enough to dismiss everything they might wish to add as poppy-cock.

  2. Kim

    Great analysis, as usual, Mike. Spot on.

  3. Sheryl

    I attended a Town Hall debate on the Cape on Sunday… I was embarrassed for Gomez. Each and EVERY question he answered included “I served my country as a navy seal for 9 years”… Irrelevant to any of the answers. His answers were paused and scattered, and in his closing message he dared to use Mikes slogan “tried and tested”… His closing was before Mike’s… Need I say more?!

    I’m very glad I attended as I knew who I supported before I went and as I am running in a local campaign myself to the Board of Selectman every day off the track needs to count, I am happy to report that Mike was truly a shining star… Senatorial material in every way! Gomez looked like a cyclist in the middle of a NASCAR race!

  4. Jay Dwyer

    Hi Mike,

    I met Mike Sullivan a couple of years ago and was very impressed. After I heard that a Navy Seal was running….I was prepared to give him every benefit of the doubt because of the mental toughness and focus required to do that job. He put it on the line for us…I’ll do what I can to return the favor !

    My opinion of Gomez has gone down after each time I heard him….really feel bad about that…but that’s how I feel.

    Gomez’ reptitive non-sequitor answers made him sound waaaaay too familair as a weak commie trained seal hack (Lizzy Warren’s “Hammered “).

    As in most elections I wish I could take Winslow’s verbal skills + Gomez Navy Seal cred + Sullivan’s issues and character to make my own FrankenCandidate !…No such luck.

    Sullivan’s my man…..chugging a couple of Red Bulls before a debate wouldn’t hurt him any.

    Jay Dwyer
    Terrorist, Hostage Taker, Barbarian, SOB ( did I miss any ?)
    Greater Waltham TP

  5. Casey Chapman

    I’m not too impressed with either of these men. We need better candidates.

  6. Jay Dwyer

    Saturday, April 13……Tax Day Rally on the Boston Common.

    It is CRITICAL to show a strong united front to the Commies. PRESS will be there and we have some good solid speakers….

    It’s like going to a Concert….you’re not going to like EVERY song ! Suck it up and show up…..FYI we have a few surprises for the inevitable MoonBat Flyover.

    Music starts at 12…speakers at 1

    See You there.


  7. John DiMascio

    Debate??? What debate, it was more like Court Martial!
    Gomez was like “man overboard” screaming S.O.S. and as in “same old $#^T”

    Here is a guy who is slick enough to choose the word support instead of voted for, giving himself plausible deniability that he voted for Obama, but then he’s not bright enough to better choose his words to describe exactly what part of Obama’s gun control and immigration policies he supports.

    Geesh, maybe I was highly privileged to get a Catholic School Education. But I would think that the United States Naval Academy and Harvard Business School, would be able to compete Sr. Mary Edna’s 8th grade English class!

    Give me break Gabe. You knew damn well what exactly what you writing. You wanted Patrick to believe you voted for Obama (whether you did or not) so you wrote “support.” If you only gave the guy money to shut up your friend, then why would be touting this “support” if you voted for the “Navy Guy, John McCain.”

    Niff on that… I loved his answer on what makes him a moderate. He said that he supports “gay marriage.”
    Excuse Mr. Gomez, since when is that a moderate position.
    Repeatedly the people have voted to ban same-sex marriage in state after state. That means it’s opposition to gay marriage is pretty mainstream. Therefore support for gay marriage is not moderate. It’s left of center or Liberal Gabe.

  8. Maryanne Jefferson

    “His instinct is to deflect, to blame others, and to create distractions.”

    Maybe these are the “Bold and Thoughtful” qualities that Gomez sees in Deval Patrick!

  9. Vic Leemon

    I tuned in to Howie late and thought I heard Bielat…but it turned out to be Gomez.

  10. Mindy Katz

    Mike, I agree. I felt Gomez was constantly on the defensive and angry. I also find it difficult to understand Gomez. Sometimes I think I’m listening to Mumbles Menino!

    Sullivan was calm, cool and collected and very smart. Mike Sullivan has my vote.

  11. William Duggan

    Clint Eastward would have had fun with Mr. Gomaz. Another empty suit. He says he’s not a politician but does what most politicians do and avoids answering for what he said in the letter.

  12. Leo The Lion

    A principal problem with politics today is that it reduces otherwise admirable men to the level of the unseemly, where boastfulness becomes a way of life and glib superficiality and shallowness a hallmark of success.

    Can you imagine any other occupation or profession that would countenance such behavior from grown men?

    Take Gabriel Gomez.

    Does he not understand that no one who has gone to Harvard is impressed by the Harvard credential? The reason: there are just too any phonies and charlatans who drift in and out of that place. Similarly, does he not understand that no one who served in the military, or the Navy, or in combat, is impressed by the mere credential of someone having been a Navy pilot or a Navy Seal? There are just too many boneheads with those affiliations.

    Yet Gabriel’s Republican establishment handlers (none of whom have either served in the military, gone to Harvard, or had Hispanic parents) have conditioned him to behave like a ventriloquist’s puppet and to invoke these credentials to a tiresome degree.

    My advice to Gomez would be this: “Enough of the Navy Seal schtick, already.” Stop exploiting service to your country, the Seal Trident, your Hispanic persuasion, and the HBS degree and start saying intelligent things about the issues that really matter. Man up? I say: Epistemology up.

    Tee Hee! ;^) Leo, you’re going to have a lot of folks googling that word!