Fusion GPS: John McCain’s Final Nail…?

Posted November 18th, 2017 by Iron Mike

One of the sadder things I’ve witnessed during the Obama era is how the once-fierce standard bearer of the Republican Party withered,  crumbled,  and became little more than a bag man for the Clintons.

There is nothing “Senatorial” left to the legacy of John McCain.  The recent revelation that last November he was passing around an advanced copy of the Fusion GPS ‘dossier’ on Trump – essentially written by hacks with fake Russian tidbits,  – proves he’s more interested in being a power-broker, – even for Crooked Hillary,  – than he is in being an American Patriot.

John and I have a little history – so I tell this story to highlight how much he has changed.

It was 19 years ago – and I’d just retired (unwillingly) and was adjusting ungracefully to no longer having legal authority to move assholes.   Suddenly my former students and instructors in the C&GSOC were being faced with an evil edict from a too-big-for-her-britches civilian troll at Leavenworth.  She was screwing over good officers returning from tours in the Middle East.

The Chain of Command in my former unit – the 98th Division – refused to get involved.  Bureaucrats and pussies at heart,  – they ‘didn’t want to make waves’….

I composed a 1-page letter and faxed it to each member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

EXACTLY 8 minutes later the military liaison in McCain’s office called,  – verified my background,  – grasped the evil underway,  – and who at Leavenworth needed a call from the Senator.

And Lo and Behold – like MAGIC – 24 hours later the School issued a flash message reversing the evil – retroactively by 2 weeks.  (Whew!

THAT was the John McCain we all used to respect, trust, and admire.

It’s why I supported him against Obama in 2008….

But by 2013 McCain seemed determined to find a CAUSE he could ride into the 2016 election cycle.  He picked being a ‘Champion’ of the so-called “Good Syrian Rebels”  – and wanted Obama to arm them.  His visit to Syria was a fool’s errand!

He probably didn’t know Obama and Hillary had been arming ISIS all along

Then his “Good Syrian Rebels” pledged their loyalty to ISIS….

So we wonder if by 2016 McCain was so frustrated and so bitter that he was willing to sell his soul to Hillary for a seat at her table – and the Country be DAMNED?

Why else would he have been given an advanced copy of the Fusion GPS ‘Dossier on Trump’ – which he was passing around….  And WHO gave it to him?

Did he really believe that Trump – married to the gorgeous Melania – would have hired prostitutes while in Moscow?

Or did bitterness and frustration cloud his judgment?

Today,  with cancer eating into McCain’s brain,  we ask how much longer will he remain in the Senate – essentially as an anti-Trump contrarian,  – all the while providing more representation for illegal Mexicans than for the US Citizens in Arizona…?

5 Responses to “Fusion GPS: John McCain’s Final Nail…?”

  1. Leonard Mead

    Just to shamelessly pile on, I voted for this character and Sarah Palin against Obama and the gaffer-in-chief “plugs” Biden in 2008.

    But I watched in disgust as McCain used Palin’s integrity and class as eye candy only — keeping her in the dark and treating her like dirt during a winnable campaign which could have saved America 8 years of tyranny under the muslim-in-chief.

    Sarah chronicles all in her heartbreaking book, GOING ROGUE which the left-stream media trashed.

    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative

  2. John 'Ben' Beninati

    I think he fooled many of us . I read his book and I thought , what this man represents is what all military men should follow. He either fooled us or his sickness is taken over.

  3. John Pagel

    McCain turned against AMERICA while a “Guest” of North Vietnam, he’s been a lying scum bag forever.

  4. Kojack

    The fact that McCain thought it was MORE important to be politically correct and INCREASE THE ODDS of subjecting the U.S.A. to the cowardly, lying, DIS-qualified, narsistic, Islamic, Marxist fraud is revealing in and of itself.

    To add to Leonard Mead’s comment above, he STILL shamelessly trashes Sarah Palin every chance he gets.

  5. Catherine

    Years ago, Mr McCain was a truly admirable man, and one who stood for this country. At least, he really seemed to.

    During the 2008 campaign we saw the first real signs of the degradation of his mind. I wonder if the cancer started even before then; slow but inexorable, and affecting his mind and honor. \

    I don’t trust him as far as I can spit; nor do I have ANY respect for his stances and actions. I can find it in me to pity one whose illness has robbed him of the honor he once had, and sadness that those around him have not managed to convince him to retire in honor long before the deterioration became so obvious.


    You are a generous and gentle woman Ma’am!