Fuming Obama Bypasses Pelosi, Reid

Posted December 6th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Hell Hath No Fury – Like A Bypassed MoonBat !

Somewhere in Washington tonight MoonBat Queen Pelosi in hanging from a rafter,  frothing at the mouth and fling profanity and dung at everything below.  Elsewhere Harry Reid is probably wondering why he bothered to run for re-election.

An obviously fuming pResident Obama strode to the spotlight tonight,  interrupting his favorite Fox News show,  to announce that he had struck a tax cut and unemployment extension deal with the selfish Republicans.  Of course he framed his speech to make himself look like the victim of the evil, greedy rich Republican upper crust.  With this narcissistic ‘all about me’ move, he bypassed the House and Senate Democrats, and their leaders.

On one level I can hardly blame Obama for cutting Pelosi and Reid out of the negotiations and dealing with the revitalized Republican leadership directly.  I’d like to see Pelosi and Reid permanently sidelined.  But his deal is only in principle – only in generalities.  He ~ should ~ be smart enough to know that any such bill will attract earmarks – like flies to a donkey’s ass.   He has just destroyed the Dem’s chances to earmark the bill.

Worse,  he jumped the gun and made the announcement before the Dems could even talk to their senior membersIt was a gross act of preemptive stage-hogging and bullying.  He’s now essentially TOLD the Dems what to agree to, what to pass, and how and when to do it.  He owns the bill – all by himself.  House and Senate Dems can claim “…I didn’t negotiate that thing – that’s Obama’s bill!

He has essentially robbed them of their chance to grab headlines and spotlights over these next two weeks.  He’s made them look ineffective, and unnecessary.  Well, he just got one thing right!

Obama undoubtedly thought tonight’s little spotlight stealing would make him look bold, almost like a good negotiator and a leader.  It didn’t.  It made him look spoiled, angry, pouting, and peevish.  He looked like a junior state senator in the Illinois legislature, and definitely NOT presidential.

However bitter it was for Obama to cave in on the tax breaks, for him the worse is yet to come.

You know that both Pelosi and Reid are already plotting their revenge.  They are not about to be upstaged by this arrogant young upstart.  Soon enough, maybe even tomorrow morning,  they’ll start tightening the screws.  They’ll teach him a lesson about respect for party elders! 

This will be fun to watch.  So will the interplay durning the next State of the Union address.  Maybe Pelosi won’t be bouncing up and down?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Watch for yourself.  But brace yourself – in return for a 2-year tax stabilization Obama gets to give the 99ers another 13 MONTHS of unemployment.  

With 10% unemployment – we now have a permanent unemployed class living on your money.  That’s in addition to the existing welfare rolls and the 13 million illegals here using taxpayer funded services.  Think they’ll be voting for Obama in 2012?   

One Response to “Fuming Obama Bypasses Pelosi, Reid”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    This was one very angry young man using every opportunity to vilify the Republicans and that 2% “of the wealthiest Americans”. I can never remember seeing a President so un Presidential and amateurish. He will pay the price when this deal is finally negotiated between the Dems and Republicans. Will the Republicans hold out for payment of the unemployment extension from the stimulus slush fund or have they already given up and added to the deficit along with the Obama tax tweeks?