Fri, Nov 22nd 1963…Plus 50 Years

Posted November 22nd, 2013 by Iron Mike

.1960 DNC..and we STILL have
a lousy Vice President…

I stayed glued to the TV in July 1960 watching the Republican and Democratic conventions. 

When they were done it was clear to me that Nixon and Lodge represented a calm, steady continuation of the Eisenhower legacy,…

…while Kennedy and Johnson
were a couple of phonies


Mind you – I was just 16.  But I already knew that the Senator from Texas had a well-earned reputation as a political crook,  – and that Kennedy was way too young – too inexperienced – to be President.

And his ‘war hero’ story didn’t make sense…

I thought the issues of 1960 were phony too.  Kennedy and the Dems claimed we were in danger from a ‘missile gap’ – implying that Eisenhower-Nixon had failed to mind the store. 

Southern Protestants worried aloud that a Kennedy presidency would give Pope John XXIII an insider voice in American policy.

Nov 1960

BOTH claims were false….mere scare tactics.

What should have mattered
was the pick of running mates.

Henry Cabot Lodge of Massachusetts was a man of honor.   LBJ of Texas was another phony ‘war hero’ – and a lifetime crook.

On Friday, November 22nd – in the skies over Texas – fifty years ago we got the Crook as our 36th President.  It would usher in the ‘Progressive Era’ in earnest.
LBJ sworn in

Over the fifty years that followed, we’ve learned that the PT-109 story of Kennedy’s ‘heroism’ was a well-crafted myth.  He was a poor skipper – who let his crew get drunk and fall asleep – and never heard the Jap destroyer that cut his boat in half.

We also learned that he screwed every skirt he could maneuver into the Lincoln Bedroom.

And we learned to our horror that LBJ was far worse

His unearned Silver Star [a political gesture from MacArthur] had gone to his head, – he thought he was a genius.  He got us further enmeshed in Vietnam – 550,000 troops – with no intention of winning.  His ONLY GOAL was not to be seen as weak and indecisive – like Truman in Korea. 

By 1968 Nixon looked like a savior.  But he picked Spiro Agnew as his VP – and Spiro was a crook too.

Obama BidenFifty years later – we still have a horrible Vice President – our National Village Idiot.

The difference – barely measurable to low-information voters – is that while Kennedy proved to be a mediocre president at best, – and LBJ proved heavy-handed, clumsy, and cowardly,   – Obama is a hate-driven anti-American Satin – bent on destroying our nation’s economy and culture.

If Kennedy picked LBJ to win the South, – surely Obama picked Biden as life insurance!

I often wonder if those now-elderly Southern Protestants who once worried about Pope John’s influence in the White House can fathom the Islamic influence which today influences Obama’s agenda….

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  1. Casey Chapman

    I agree with the above, but rather than ushering in the progressive era, I’d say it was a resurgence. Woodrow Wilson and FDR were the pioneers of progressivism in our country, after all. Lots of progressives in the republican party, too. I pity the young kids in our country, who will never see how free our country used to be. Look how far down the road to serfdom we’ve come in just the last 6 years or so. Amazing. Just amazing.