Frey Frazzled: Mob Burns Police Station

Posted May 29th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Minneapolis burns for a second night.

Once again we see a goody two-shoes progressive mayor overwhelmed by sudden events,  and with no clue what to do or who to call.  He made the error of thinking his liberal white voice could calm the mob,  – many who were just waiting for an excuse – any damned excuse – to loot and burn,  – even as they took selfies… VIDEO:

Note in this news clip below how the anchor calls the mob “Protesters”,   – even as they torch the police station.

Folks,  these riots have already spread to other big and medium cities,  – and by this weekend your local poverty pimps may have stirred up crowds where you live.  Be ready.  Ammo up!

HINT:  If the FBI hasn’t arrested the four cops involved in the George Floyd arrest and death – by SUNDOWN TODAY,  – then you’ll KNOW that FBI Director Christopher Wray is foot-dragging to make the situation worse – and hurt Trump’s re-election chances. 

One Response to “Frey Frazzled: Mob Burns Police Station”

  1. Stubby Buddy

    Guess the plan-demic isn’t working well enough any more. Time to start the race war distraction!

    The poor man who was killed by the cops deserves justice – riots only bring MORE injustice – and death – and thereby undercut the argument underlying them as well as diminishing the evil that was done. I wonder just how many of the rioters were bussed in and PAID – and by whom?

    But really, look at the TIMING. States are opening up and people now see it was all bogus to start with. So take one nasty, should-not-have-happened, event, and now we have another disaster in the country, threatening to spread. The groups that want to DESTROY this country will use anything and everything available to win; they are ruthless and do not give a DAMN how many people get killed, or how many black businesses get destroyed, or anything else, as long as in the end they grab power back.