Fresh Worries For The Hildebeast

Posted September 1st, 2017 by Iron Mike

Even Democrats seem loath to keep shielding her.

U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg – not always a hero to Conservatives,  – has just ordered the FBI to turn over Hillary’s emails to two plaintiffs – Judicial Watch and Cause of Action Institute.

Earlier this week the FBI had refused the FOIA request on the grounds of “lack of genuine public interest”.

It was proof that our new FBI director,  Christopher Wray – isn’t in full command yet;  – or maybe that he’s secretly working for the Cartel…?

7 Responses to “Fresh Worries For The Hildebeast”

  1. Integrity 1st

    Doesn’t Sessions have final say over FBI? I understood that that the FBI is the investigating arm and the US Attorney’s office is the prosecuting arm. Do I have that wrong?


    Sessions wouldn’t even know about the specifics of the daily flow of FOIA requests, – wouldn’t hear about it until after it hit the news.

    Sadly, FBI personnel are Civil Service, – i.e. damn near impossible to remove.

  2. GoFuckYourself

    This website screams of a paranoid conspiratorial foaming-at-the-mouth Trump-tard who’s face down in the Trump cool aid. Why don’t you show who you really are “Iron Mike”? Yeah, pretty easy to sling this filth anonymously from behind your keyboard, isn’t it? You sound like some old dude out of touch with modern society and nothing else to do your last few years on Earth.


    IP traces to Watertown MA – home of way too many Turd Bucket LibTards.

    So you found a Conservative Republican website – and your reaction was to go screaming potty-mouth? Really, – that’s the BEST your liberal education could cough up?

    We’ll take a SWAG and place your age in your early-to-mid 20s, and still living at home….with Mommy….

    So where were you hiding these past 8 years that we’ve been publishing RRB? How much pot were you smoking during the years of Deval Patrick and Barack Obama?

    Do you have any CLUE about why you can’t find a REAL JOB, – and find yourself making obscene comments on a blog – during working hours?

    FYI: We get dozens of these troll turds every week – and almost all go to SPAM. We let a few live so the Public can see what our school systems are churning out.

    If you wish to leave future comments – use a POLITE blogging name and a REAL email address; – or EVERYTHING you write will be SPAMMED!

    Watertown Spammer

  3. FLICK

    Can’t wait for your reply IRON MIKE!!!


    Thanks Flick. Look at it again. I usually SPAM them – but let a few live so folks can see how terribly juvenile the left-wing kids are these days. He’s a tribute to his unionized public school teachers!

  4. Jim Gettens

    My response to GoFuckYourself, an irrational Lefty sociopath or psychopath suffering from arrested development clearly incapable of, or unwilling to, cope with, and address rationally, the facts as details of the sham FBI investigation of Shrillary slowly emerge thanks to the dogged efforts of Judicial Watch and other watchdog organizations: GO. FUCK. YOURSELF!!!

    And Yes, Jeff Sessions is in charge of the FBI and DOJ lawyers and obviously has NOT instructed those employees under him to comply with the Freedom of Information Act in these related, ongoing cases.

    Sessions has displayed similar outrageous incompetence in permitting DOJ lawyers to cooperate with IRS lawyers in stonewalling the the lawsuits against Lois Lerner-Holly Paz-IRS.

  5. Jim Gettens

    Here’s the latest Comey-McCabe-FBI-DOJ outrage:

  6. Hawk1776

    >pretty easy to sling this filth anonymously from behind your keyboard, isn’t it

    Mike’s identity is well known to those who care to look

    >You sound like some old dude out of touch with modern society and nothing else to do your last few years on Earth

    And you sound like a pimply faced adolescent who has never done anything constructive and probably never will.

    The society I grew up with involved hard work, love of country, self-reliance, and following the golden rule. If “modern society” differs, then I chose to be out of touch with it.

  7. Kojack

    GOFUCKYOURSELF – so what’s wrong, ASSHOLE, having a bad day in mommy’s basement?!?!? Still can’t accept the fact that Hillary Rotten lost in November?

    So, PUKE, which one of the COMMUNTY AGITATOR’s scandals was your favorite? Attempting to smear gun shops/owners in Fast & Furious, weaponizing the IRS against conservative citizens, gutting the U.S. military, empowering the Muslim Brotherhood by throwing U.S. allies under the bus, creating a power vacuum and allowing ISIS to flourish, lying about Benghazi being caused by a video, conducting an illegal war in Libya, using the NSA, CIA and other intelligence agencies to spy on political enemies?!?!?

    Paranoid? No. That’s the reality, ASSHOLE, and Iron Mike does a great service for all of us by shining a light on all of the gory details.

    He is also a distinguished Vietnam vet, a patriot of the highest order and an all around great person whom I feel fortunate to know as a friend and ally.

    You on the other hand, like most of your generation will never amount to anything, SCUM-BAG.