French Elections Today: Trump Silent

Posted April 23rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

At last – almost unnoticed by the left-wing media, – we have an American President acting...presidential!   Another country – a close US ally – is holding a critical election,  – and Trump has stayed totally OUT OF IT!

It was just a year ago that Obama went to threaten the English – with being placed in the ‘back of the line’What a change!

The French are living hour-by-hour with the kind of nightmare the left-wing one-world crowd want for us.

They are being over-run by violent ‘refugees’ from Africa and the Middle East,  terrorists commit murder near-daily,  and the French economy is under terrible strain.

There is a right-wing party which during this past year has attracted many voters,  – maybe enough to run the country…..  Certainly enough to scare the crap out of the ‘centrists’ and the left-wing folks.

A key issue will be how to deal with their Muslims and with terrorists.  It could get even uglier than it is now,…in France, – and across all of Europe.

But unlike a year ago when our self-proclaimed world genius flew to London to lecture and threaten the Brits,….

…our new American President – Donald Trump – has stayed politely and totally out of it.

What a refreshing relief!

2 Responses to “French Elections Today: Trump Silent”

  1. Walter Knight

    Both Israel and France need to ban Muslims from voting, to save their countries from invasion. How can that be justified in free democratic Western countries? Recognize the reality that you are at war and under attack.

  2. Kojack

    I really wish Trump would throw more support to Le Pen. The muslim threat can only be properly dealt with by nationalists, not globalists.