Free Speech Is Rapidly Dying – Again!

Posted April 15th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Germany’s Angela Merkel is allowing the prosecution of little-known comedian Jan Böhmermann – because he mocked Turkish Prime Minister – the Hitler-like Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Jan Böhmermann prosecuted by Merkel
Here in the USA, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg will delete your comments – and maybe your account – if he deems you ‘offensive’,  – or in violation of his ‘standards of decency’.  Think $35 Billion has gone to his 31 year old head…?

And of course our Attorney General – our so-called “People’s Lawyer”, – has been threatening to prosecute anybody who speaks harshly or unfavorably of Muslims….

Yep,…Loretta Lynch will decide if your words – written or spoken – are a “HATE CRIME”,  – and she’s coming after you if she thinks you’re targeting Muslims….

ISIS Execution by beheading

Hey Loretta, have you read RRB lately…..?

ISIS execution by det cord

Can you explain why Americans speaking out against radical Islam should be a ‘hate crime’….

ISIS execution by drowning

What about drowning people, – or blowing their heads off,…is THAT a ‘hate crime’?

ISIS loves making videos

Folks, – if you’ve never known about the close connection between radical Islam and Hitler’s Third Reich,….you need to do some serious research….

Handzar SS Division

3 Responses to “Free Speech Is Rapidly Dying – Again!”

  1. Hawk1776

    A case of buyer’s remorse from the guy
    who coined the term “Islamophobia”.


  2. Tom Gilroy

    Lest we forget, Angela Merkel came from the East, lived under Stasi control for most of her life. Speech and mind control was business as usual in East Germany and now, the East have been assimilated, but their methods linger on. Will the Germans again accept this type of dictatorial control? Had they not learned their lesson with Schicklgruber?


    As it happened, Tom died of a heart attack just hours after this comment – his 830th posting. You could truthfully say he died with his boots on, – facing the enemy, and firing aimed shots until he ran out of bullets….

    RIP Tom, we will miss you dearly!

    Tom and Ellie

  3. Walter Knight

    Unauthorized humor is not allowed. Try posting something funny on a work-place bulletin board. The PC police will get you.