Free Speech In Tennessee?

Posted June 6th, 2013 by Iron Mike

WinkIt started with an innocent [if blunt] facebook posting.

You see, Tennessee is seeing an influx of Muslim immigrants, – and some of them have been behaving…as if they own the place…

A frustrated local citizen reacted – with the posting.

So Obama-appointed US Attorney William Jillian stepped up to prove his left-wing loyalty – and threatened to prosecute such postings as ‘hate crimes’.

Then someone decided to hold a ‘diversity seminar’.  2000 folks showed up…and they weren’t happy

So Mister Jillian – in private practice until Obama appointed him in 2010, – is suddenly faced with a hostile crowd, – and Obama and Holder seem like a long way away…

Bill,…could you have made your point a little less like like one of Hitler’s lieutenants?

Darling, that a shotgun, – not a rifle…

5 Responses to “Free Speech In Tennessee?”

  1. Tom

    You gotta love those Volunteers!!

  2. Sam Adams

    Look at what’s happening in Britain right now. Protestors against Islam have been out fighting against their government for shrinking from dealing with Islamic terrorism. They’ve had enough. Look at what’s been happening to them in their own streets in broad daylight!

    And remember, their guns have been taken away from them.

    The Left’s love affair with “diversity” at the expense of freedom and liberty is about to bite them right in their own asses.
    And it’s about time too!

  3. Casey Chapman

    If we don’t stand up and fight for our rights, instead of nodding our head as Obama sacrifices our country to the Great God Diversity, we’ll be going the way of Great Britain. Time to cowboy up, people!!!!!!!

  4. Paul J Baldi

    I have been to Tennessee…the place where real Americans live..and they have absolutely no love for the Federal guvmint. Mr. Jillian got a wake up call and he had better
    be paying attention. Don’t mess with folks from Tennessee!

  5. Walter Knight

    Their goal is to make being a conservative a hate crime. Conservatives are discriminated against for employment, in the media, at school, and entertainment. All that’s left is to criminalize opinion. It’s happening in Europe already.