Fredo Has An On-Air Goya Meltdown!

Posted July 17th, 2020 by Iron Mike

The Governor’s little brother Fredo went “full Sicilian” on live TV yesterday,  – over Goya Beans.

The Goya Boycott was begun by AOC,  – and now it comes back to bite the corrupt Cuomo family in the ass:  Enjoy the meltdown!  VIDEO:

This is funny because the Democrats have seized on Coronavirus,  twisting the facts and relying on their lying media to keep people in fear until November,  – as their best way to defeat Trump.

They’re convinced that Americans have very short memories.

You’d think that if Fredo cared about anything other than Democrats winning elections, – he’d be ranting about the Chinese infecting the world with their germ warfare,…

…or about how BLM and AntiFA are tearing the heart out of West Coast cities like Seattle and Portland….

…or about how stupid liberals are trying to defund police departments….

But then we pause to consider that people like Cuomo see AntiFA and the BLM Communists as natural allies…

You have to wonder how Fredo got through Law School….

One Response to “Fredo Has An On-Air Goya Meltdown!”

  1. Tony Giordano

    It’s good to finally see a Blog that is giving Trump credit for being the true patriot and Christian that he is, instead of trying to vilify him for some phony accusations of his perceived bigotry, ignorance, corruption, incompetence, narcissism, stupidity, dishonesty, desperate insecurities and douchebaggery- all characteristics which he never even exhibited in the first place.

    God bless Trump in 2020, let’s make America great again!